Kate Beckinsale’s Ice Booty Tequila Shot!

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Echo Lawrence - December 31, 2020

Leave it to the talented Kate Beckinsale to accidentally expose a bunch of people on Instagram for being dumb, teaching them a lesson on how to read a caption before leaving embarrassing comments.

The actress took to her Instagram channel to give a farewell to 2020 by posting an old video of her sucking a tequila shot out of an ice sculptures ass. She captioned the post letting everyone know that this took place pre-COVID.

"I suppose I am glad that I managed to experience drinking tequila out of an ice bottom before Covid was invented (this time last year)otherwise I’d always be wondering if it was possibly my thing"

So in the caption she clearly let us all know that this was last year before the virus was even a thing, which is why she's putting her mouth on something other partygoers also had their mouths on. The best part of Kates post isn't even the shot of her mouth on an ice booty, it's the comments..