Julia Pereira

Julia Pereira Slender Fine Brazilian Beach Body Tees Up the Weekend

If you ever needed any inspiration to delight in a summer weekend, how about the fine slender bikini body of Julia Pereira strutting her sweet bikini treats at the beach in Miami. Now, Julia might be a young old hat at this hot body exhibition game, but every time I ogle her tight little booty, I feel like we're both doing it for the first time again. I think that's called romantic, but I'm not sure.

If you can't find time to revel in the summer, you never shall. I implore you to take a load off this weekend, kick up your feet, grab your binoculars and a cold one, and focus your most important sense on some beautiful woman that resembles Julia Pereira. If you can't find one, use your imagination. Last weekend, I stared for an hour at a rather curvy elm tree. It's not what you have, it's what you do with what you have. Enjoy your summer weekend.

Julia Pereira in a Pink Bikini and a Perfect Body at Miami Beach

Well hello there hot toned body hottie Julia Pereira. We haven't seen you prancing about the beach in Miami for what seems like an eternity, though it's probably only been a month or so. From the looks of it you haven't exactly been letting go in your beach time off. You've taken your superior Brazilian model genetics and fine tuned even more so at some modern day gymnasium with their fancy Pilates and yoga tricks. And it shows.

Sometimes I wonder if the lineage of Brazilian bikini hotties will ever someday come to an end. Then I realize that's like wondering if the Great Lakes will dry up or time itself will stop ticking. The line of sextastic succession from that Sudamericana nation continues unabated. Julia Pereira and her alluring bikini adjustments another bright spot in that eternal procession. Enjoy.

Julia Pereira Looks Hot from All Angles in Her Thin Blue Bikini

I'd like to invent something like a Brazilian model Hunger Games, but instead of killing each other, maybe they just get into their bikinis and show-off or make-out or other fun activities that involve French and Latin words. Julia Pereira would definitely be chosen in my reaping, for her ability to look slender wicked hot and nipply from all angles in her teen tiny colorful bikinis. Okay, maybe less nipply from her amazing buttside view, but no less sextastic and alluring.

There's an art to looking great in bikinis candids, whilst moving about the beach, preening, prancing, and dunking in the water. It's not exactly the same as a staged bikini photoshoot. It separates the girls from the women, though I would probably put them back together if it were my party. Julia Pereira, you make me feel happy to be a man. Enjoy.

Julia Pereira Bikini Body So Perfect It Was Drawn Up in Heaven

The Miami heat is getting hotter, the competition even stiffer, at least I think that's the competition getting stiffer, and the girls more varied and sextastic in size and scope. The battle for Miami's hottest celebrity model beach body goes on into its umpteenth week of super stellar visuals with Brazlian ridiculously hot bodied future girlfriend of mine, Julia Pereira, putting her perfect female form quite center stage.

If I was ever asked to design the perfect bikini body, and, trust me, in my dreams that happens all the time, I'm pretty sure my crayon schedule would at least nearly resemble Julia's killer body. It's just so utterly delicious when water is added. And that tight little booty. Somebody please hug me platonically for ten seconds. I think I need some supportive contact. Damn, Julia. Enjoy.

Olga Kent and Julia Pereira Bikini Together and Apart in Wild Hot Body Multi-Bikini Miami Weekend

No polar vortex here. Just two outrageously hot bodied models in Miami strutting their bikini bodies over the weekend both together and venturing out to flash their booty on their own in one heck of a lust-inducing public display of goodness.

Italian model Olga Kent may very well be my new favorite body, err, person, to be tracking with my well-heeled eyeballs.

But Julia Pereira is no slouch herself. In fact, the Brazilian model is causing me severe pains in my Sudamericana regions, if you know what I'm saying.

And when they were hanging out together, letting it all hang out, I'm not exactly sure how any one of the male gender along the South Florida shoreline was able to get any oxygen. Quite a sight indeed. Consider me demonically jealous. Enjoy.

Julia Pereira Bikini Pictures Make the Miami Shoreline Their Sextastic Home Base

I guess Brazilian hottie model Julia Pereira has made Miami her new HQ for hotness, at least for the winter months. Albeit, those are the summer months in Brazil itself as far as my second grade level geography recalls. In any event, we are happy to have Julia moved to our shores. Just look at her killer body and the way she appears to be naturally melded into her tiny bikini flattering her sweet sultry body. Some girls were just born to be mostly nekkid and nice, or naughty as the case may be.

Welcome to our humble homeland, Julia. If there's anything I can do for you, just pull that cord you see nearby you which rings a bell I've stationed around my neck to be at your complete beck and call. You need a cookie at 2am, I'm there. You need nookie at 2am, I'm there twice as fast. Enjoy.

Julia Pereira Is Red and White and Bikini Hot All Over in Miami

Bikini model by way of Brazil, quite naturally, Julia Pereira, has made her way and her hot body to the beaches in Miami for the holidays and no doubt some paid work for Victoria's Secret or another outlet over the New Year's. We first met the wicked hot Brazilian earlier this year in Miami unveiling her blessed female form to the Northern Hemisphere and we've been hooked ever since.

It may be winter time here but it's endless summer in Miami and all the hotties are flocking like birds on migration. It might be time to hit South Beach with a panama hat and a good pair of binoculars and maybe a modesty towel around the waist. Enjoy.