Julia Pereira

Julia Pereira Wears A Tiny Pink Bikini In Miami

Lovely Latina Julia Pereira showed off her melones grandes in a teeny tiny pink bikini in Miami. Spring is starting all over the country and that means that all the hotties that have been hibernating are peeking out of their hot lady burrows and putting on revealing swimsuits. Julia is super friggin’ sexy. She’s one of my favorite lingerie models. It seems like every other day we’re covering her in various states of undress. It’s not surprise seeing as she’s got a lot of talent. By talent I mean, of course, a humungous rack. But let’s not forget about her booty, y’all. She’s got the kind of caboose that makes a man believe that there is in fact a benevolent creator that made such a wondrous sight for us all to behold.

It is a great time to be alive, my friends. Let’s all celebrate the beginning of spring by ogling Julia’s thingies.

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet/PacificCoastNews

Julia Pereira’s Bitchin’ Bikini Body And Other Fine Things To Ogle


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Julia Pereira And Rosana Peres Double Down With Hot Bosom Buddy Perfection on Miami Beach

Double your girls. Double your pleasure. Double your Brazilian beach hotties playing and preening on the beach in Miami for an entry into the hottest Beach Body contest. Quite the coup from sextastic ladies Julia Pereira and Rosana Peres, burning their mark into my libido like a hot knife through libido butter.

These two lovely ladies have a plan of attack. A plan involving four wicked hot buns and four alluring funbags that might just propel them as a team to greatness. How they decide the victor from there, only a man far wiser than myself can anticipate. But I know it’s going to be glorious to watch. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

Julia Pereira Spends A Day On Miami Beach in Bikini Top

Brazilian hottie Julia Pereira was sporting a bikini top around Miami Beach yesterday to show off what made her so famous. Besides her pretty face, she’s also got quite a bodacious pair of ta-tas. Seriously, they are like a pair Brazilian melons being carried around in a slingshot. I consider myself a bit of a booby expert since it’s my job to discuss them and I can say, in my professional opinion, that her chest puppies are truly outstanding. It’s a damn shame that she’s wearing pants as I know for a fact that she’s got a thumper that will make your head spin. Sometimes it’s best to leave things to the imagination. This is not one of those times. I need to look up some archival photos of Julia so I can check out that sweet booty.

You’ve got to love Miami in that you can go to the beach in December. I’ve always wondered why my family moved away from Miami. Maybe it’s because my grandmother wanted to keep my grandfather from ogling women like Julia.

Photo Credit: FameFlyNet

Julia Pereira Have Sextastic Monokini Will Travel on Miami Beach

I have a feeling Julia Pereira and about forty bikinis, monokinis, and form fitting one piece swimsuits are just about settled in for the warm showy winter months in Miami. This Brazilian model is going to be a fixture along the South Florida shoreline, demanding her spot in the hottest female forms along the local strand be held in serious contention. Oh, Julia, you have no idea how seriously I’m going to hold your spot.

Featuring a sublime green monokini for today’s effort, Julia is laying down quite the benchmark of baseline sextastic that participants must exhibit if they even hope to compete in this asstastic boobtastic seaside body competition. It only gets tougher from here. I don’t even the contestants, but I do want to launder their intimates each evening. That’s how I roll. Solid work out of the gates, Ms. Pereira. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash News

Julia Pereira Bikinis on Miami Beach

I love a hot Brazilian bikini babe in the morning. There’s no better way to start the day than by staring savagely into the hotness that is the bikini body of Julia Pereira, another regular of the international models in Miami competing for hot body rankings. Julia’s slender body and tight little perfect booty make her a prime candidate for ogling and day dreams about just how passionate the girls from Brazil can get after winning soccer matches. I’ve heard it’s legendary.

It’s December, ladies. The high season in Miami officially begins today. Consider Julia’s nomination cast into the hat of the sextastic. Oh, if I had that hat I’d never wash it, like my favorite baseball cap. The stains would be marvelous. Um, I didn’t mean to write that. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: GSI

Julia Pereira Slender Fine Brazilian Beach Body Tees Up the Weekend

If you ever needed any inspiration to delight in a summer weekend, how about the fine slender bikini body of Julia Pereira strutting her sweet bikini treats at the beach in Miami. Now, Julia might be a young old hat at this hot body exhibition game, but every time I ogle her tight little booty, I feel like we’re both doing it for the first time again. I think that’s called romantic, but I’m not sure.

If you can’t find time to revel in the summer, you never shall. I implore you to take a load off this weekend, kick up your feet, grab your binoculars and a cold one, and focus your most important sense on some beautiful woman that resembles Julia Pereira. If you can’t find one, use your imagination. Last weekend, I stared for an hour at a rather curvy elm tree. It’s not what you have, it’s what you do with what you have. Enjoy your summer weekend.