Julia Pereira Thongtastic Bikini Booty In Miami

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bill-swift - July 23, 2015

What? More Brazilian epic hotness? Can it be? Oh, it can be, if you only dare to dream in Sudamericana sextastic colors. Julia Pereira is another brilliantly alluring transplant to Miami from even more Southern shores who shows up every now and then to remind you that even the reserve lady bikini players in Miami are ridiculously stiff competition for hottest body on the sand. It's simply out of control.

Julia's outrageous thong thumper makes me wish I had followed my dream of becoming a super successful rock star so girls like Julia would look at me lasciviously and try to get back stage. I wonder what that life must be life. It sounds dreadful. I like the chase. Though a catch would be nice. One fine booty Brazilian catch. Like the fisherman and the sea. Then I could be happy. Or at least sleep really soundly. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet