Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Oiled Up For Shape Magazine

Legendary hottie Jessica Alba was looking tanned and toned in a bikini spread for Shape Magazine. It’s no wonder that Shape wanted to do a spread with Jessica because her shape is bangin’. The first thing that you notice in these pics is, of course, the famous Jessica Alba boobies. I’ve been a fan of them since I first saw them in the skin tight bodysuit she wore in that terrible Fantastic Four movie she was in years ago. She almost spills out in several pics which give us not only some spectacular cleav but also some delectable sideboob. Jessica’s legs are also a thing of beauty. I wouldn’t mind caressing those bad boys late into the night. Oh, to be a drop of pool water on those thighs.

I’m going to buy several copies of this magazine and wallpaper my closet with it. That way I can always step into my closet to reflect on the beauty of Jessica’s yabbos.

Photo Credit: Shape Magazine

Jessica Alba Cleavy By The Pool And Other Fine Things To Ogle

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Jessica Alba Bikini Hot Body Nipple Poking Snorkel Fun Time!

Blow the man down, indeed. The sight of MILFtastic Jessica Alba in a tiny bikini snorkeling and prancing about in her hot mom delicious ways, well, my Spring Break staycation is entirely made.

We caught glimpses of Jessica Alba bikini posing last week, but these clearer, standalone shots of her dripping wet in her two piece swimsuit are downright faptastical. It’s quite incredible how this uber-hottie contineus to get even more alluring with age. She’s always been mesmerizing in her looks. Now she’s adding some maturity and passion inducement that only comes with years of bikini preening. Moms simply do it better. Please, don’t pinch me. I don’t want to wake up from this dream. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Jessica Alba Bikini Picture MILFtastic With Chrissy Teigen Bikini Boobtastic Along for the Vacation Ride

If you told me Jessica Alba was on a bikini vacation in the Caribbean and you had photos of the uber-MILFtastic, i’d say, oh, happy days. If you told me Chrissy Teigen and her enlarged funbags were also there in a bikini and that Jessica was bending over and flexing this way and that, I’d say, somebody get the oxygen tank, I’m feeling lightheaded. Is this a dream? Yes, kind of it really is.

Hottest mom in the world Jessica Alba rarely gets down to showing off her stellar body these days, maybe a couple or three times a year. It’s like a nature cameraman waiting months for a once in a long time animal phenomenon to occur. You have to be in the right place at just the right time. Especially when Jessica is bending over in her bikini. And with Chrissy Teigen co-vacationing in her undersized bikini. Wow. This is so much better than National Geographic, and, truly, imho, far more important. We’ve been struck with great fortune! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Jessica Alba Flashes Cleavage in the Park

Jessica Alba was looking delectable in a white t-shirt with a plunging neckline while on a trip to the park. This meant that whenever she would bend over she gave the world a nice view of her truly spectacular cleavage. I’ve been a big fan of Jess’ ta-tas for years. I remember how great they looked in a skintight suit in that not so great Fantastic Four movie. They are just the right size, not too small to handle but not the kind of massive melons that might give a man carpal tunnel syndrome if they try and feel them up. Plus, I like her smile. She’s got some seriously shiny teeth. I’d give her something to smile about for about three minutes. Dude, she’s hot what do you want from me?

Jessica should bend over more often. I guarantee that her already successful career would be even better if she was constantly flashing cleav.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Asstastic Humps For a Humpday Huzzah!

My loveliest minion Whitney and I got into a fight over whether lady humps was meant to describe the glorious funbags of fine ladies or their equally alluring keesters. To further her positions, she put together a dozen pictures of super fine celebrity asstastic including Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, and Nikki Mudarris. I guess she wins in terms of preponderance of the evidence of a sextastic nature.

Whether humps refers to tops or bottoms, make no mistake, lady curves are the finest shapes ever produced by the prodigious and benevolent hand of Mother Nature. There’s no other design in the natural world that matches the sense of awe in seeing remarkably alluring women with primordially passion inducing curves. Bless them, one and all. Huzzah!

Photo Credit: Archives

Jessica Alba Bikini Pictures Working Out, Working to Booty Perfection, I’m So Happy!

Every now and then I get this pain in my nethers and realize I haven’t seen uber-MILFtastic Jessica Alba in a bikini lately. Where are my well placed photo spies tracking her on vacation? But, no, coming up dry. Then, of all things, the ripe super hottie goes and posts crazy asstastic photos of her own hot bikini self, with the workout photos in stretch pants to show the effort. Is this heaven? It’s got to be a decent approximation.

My mind often goes numb for several minutes in the face of extreme visual intoxication. Ogling Jessica Alba in a little butt cheek baring bikini bottom qualifies as outright inebriation of the senses I do believe. I know I can’t drive. I might be able to make it to a private space and cry. Blessed days, my friends. Blessed days. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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