Kira Kosarin Rollerskating Her Way to Our Hearts!

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Echo Lawrence - June 5, 2020

Kira Kosarin is a 22 year old known for being on a Nickelodeon show. She has made the move to music, which I guess is a more lucrative career than acting. I figure if you create some hit songs that people download, it's a product that you can monetize directly. Plus with all the technology coupled with the training she's had to get to the point of having 5,000,000 followers. It's a no brainer.

Almost all of these kids who started working in the industry young are triple threat, trained dancers and singers and actors, while acting pays less than singing, it gives them the great platform to start from and then choose whether to to follow the dollar signs or not.

What I like about her, besides her hot body she shows off, is that she roller skates. It's some vintage throwback as the sport makes a comeback and it's really fun and cute and something different in a world where everyone is doing the same thing on repeat!!

Here she is making a dumb TikTok dance look good

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