Jennifer Nicole Lee Celebrates International Women’s Day By Showing Some Skin

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aldo-vallon - March 8, 2018

Holy crow, this woman has some muscle to her. I do not know which feeling to have first: shame at having skipped the gym today, or shame that I have that same underwear. No judgment please, it was a gift.

Okay, so it wasn’t a gift, but it was sold to me under the guise of it being European and the next big thing in men’s underwear. Call me paranoid, but I am starting to think the salesman at Victoria’s Secret was lying to me and just trying to make her monthly quota. It’s such a shame. One can’t even trust a salesman to be honest anymore.

I am a little embarrassed that I was not even aware that it was women’s day today. Yet another holiday that should be a mandatory day off goes by unnoticed. Maybe if I had the day off then I could have celebrated properly instead of cussing out an old lady who was taking too long to cross the street. I still believe I was in the right. Just because there is a crosswalk does not mean you can walk whenever you’d like. And if I get the green arrow again then she had best get out of the way.


Photo Credit: Splash News