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Happy Birthday to Jenna Jameson and Hugh Hefner, Let’s Look at One of Them Nekkid

Jenna Jameson Sultry Nekkid Shoot for Playboy
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And it’s not Hef. So happy birthday to all of us by way of a slightly troubled, but ever salaciously hot, Jenna Jameson. Jenna may have run afoul of the law of late, but that doesn’t take away her career body of work, let alone her body, which has been on rightful display in Playboy magazine before.

Though it may not be your birthday today, why not treat yourself to a whole hundred cents worth of good times by way of the continuing PlayboyPlus $1 Sign-Up Special. It’s like unwrapping a birthday present every ten seconds or so if your click speed is about the same as mine. Enjoy.

Jenna Jameson Wears a Bodysuit to Her Birthday Celebration at Crazy Horse III

Porn Stars Kim Kardashian and Jenna Jameson Pimping Paid Nightclub Promoters

Though halfway across the world, adult film actresses Kim Kardashian and Jenna Jameson held court at respective nightclub promotions, flashing cleavage, and getting paid to wave and smile and take photos with the lucky visitors.

Now, Kim Kardashian may be pregnant, but there’s no way she’s turning down a fat paycheck, even if it means heading to the Ivory Coast in Africa to spotlight host a big nightclub promotion. To hell with the local riots and political unrest, mommy needs to get paid for her cans!

As for Jenna Jameson, well she strode in through the backdoor at the MGM Grand in Vegas looking like a million bucks, and we will never speak ill of a woman who has given us so much happy happy fun times without even speaking.

To pimping pros doing their thing to bring home the bacon. Bless you, ambitious ladies of Hottieville. Enjoy.

Jenna Jameson and Her Sexy Cleavage at the Tabu Ultra Lounge

Jenna Jameson Squares Off Against Coco in the Battle of the Sin City Pimpstresses

Now this seems like a fair fight. Two women not unknowing of the ways to be the center of attention, one on camera in over 100 glorious films, the other in public appearances flashing her bodacious curves and cans until men become physically injured.

Jenna Jameson spent her Labor Day weekend pimping hard in a cut-out body suit at the Crazy Horse III in Vegas, reminding men that might possibly be reminded that any place where girls who dig DP hang out is definitely the place to be. Meanwhile, across town, Coco was at the LAX Nightclub flashing her upper and lower fleshy parts so fast and freely, sixteen young men lost their virginity without ever being touched. It was that powerful. Enjoy.

Jenna Jameson in a Cutout Bodysuit at the Crazy Horse III Club in Vegas

Jenna Jameson Busted For Ramming A Pole Under the Influence

What do adult film stars, two in the morning, and cars smashed into light poles have in common? Oh, yes, they’re all elements combining for another celebrity DUI arrest, as Jenna Jameson was taken into custody early this morning for suspicion of driving while snookered after she desperately tried to avoid a mysterious bunny in the road and smacked her car into a light pole.

Apparently, Jenna is doing okay, the light pole not so well. The attorneys are going to get paid on this one.

Get the latest update on the Jenna Jameson DUI arrest from our friends at TMZ.