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Victoria Justice Leads List of Red Hotties at the Blue Ball

Sure, it's easy to bag on Perez Hilton for being a whiny priggish fop. I mean, really really easy. But, I'm giving props where props are due this morning, and if you can get the likes of uber-young hotties Victoria Justice and Selena Gomez to get decked out and show up for your birthday party, well, you've got undeniable juice. Perez's birthday party 'Blue Ball' brought out a number of sexy celebrities (and, oddly, one young boy) dressed in their dress blues showing off some sextastic wonder. In addition to Victoria and Selena, the hot-blue likes of Joanna Krupa, Charlotte Ross, Jenna Jameson, Eliza Dushku, Camille Grammer, and Aubrey O'Day. Enjoy.

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The Friday Four: Must See Pictures of Megan Fox, Kate Upton, Adrianne Curry, Jenna Jameson, and Kate Upton?

Word on the street from our Canadian brothers who were treated to the release of the film Passion Play last summer (coming out this May in the U.S.), Megan Fox can actually act. No, seriously, she's supposed to be downright 'okay' in this movie. What is more than okay is this deep cleavage still of the uber-sexy Megan Fox from the movie. On a yummy scale of 1 to 10, this is a 34c.

Kate Upton in some type of white skirt upskirt wedding thingamajig. Hmm, not sure, just a sexy twitpic courtesy of our favorite new model featured in the current year's SI Swimsuit edition. This entire trend of models sending out behind the scene candid photos from their sexy photoshoots needs to not only be applauded, it ought be federally mandated, some type of national security priority.

And, speaking of Kate Upton behind the scenes absolutely amazing boobtastic pictures of this super blonde new favorite hottie model, well, let's do another. This spectacular boobtacular candid from Kate's swimsuit photoshoot where the unusually busty model flashes the deep cleavage in a manner completely becoming of any woman I hold in high regard (and dream about at night.)

I've decided that the bar needs to be raised for Mrs. Peter Brady and her twitpics, and, well, yes, pressing the flesh with adult film star Jenna Jameson reaches that bar, or horizontal stripper pole, if you will. I still have no idea what Adrianne Curry does between sun-up and Koo Koo Roo runs for her husband's dinner, but now that I know it involved hanging with Jenna Jameson, consider me more intrigued. Enjoy.

Jenna Jameson is Looking Better


Jenna Jameson has been looking horrendous lately. She's been gaunt, fish-lipped, and generally gross to look at. So it's nice to see that Jenna is starting look so much better. These stills from Jenna's new movie, Zombie Stripper really show off how good Jenna Jameson can look. Oh yeah, that's hot.

And just in case you aren't good with sarcasm, if these pictures actually turn you on, you are messed up.

Jenna Jameson Pleathers Herself for PETA

Jenna Jameson got all undressed as Bettie Page for PETA's new "Pleather Yourself" campaign against leather. What I don't understand is if PETA is against leather, why are they hiring miss leather-skin herself, Jenna Jameson as their spokesmodel? Or wait, does that actually mean that Jenna Jameson's skin is as plastic as that bra, and her breasts under it? Probably. Jenna Jameson gives me no pleather at all.

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Jenna Jameson Pops Out of Cake, Sits On Cake, Does Not Eat Cake

Rule #1: Just because Jenna Jameson quit acting in porn, doesn't mean she quit acting like a skank. Rule #2: Just because Jenna Jameson popped out of a cake, doesn't mean she's going to eat any of it.

The former porn queen, and walking testement to everything that's wrong with plastic surgery popped out of a cake at the brithday party for her boyfriend, caveman Tito Ortiz. She then proceded to do a dance, and sit on said cake, which I hope was fake, for the sake of anyone at the party who might actually eat the thing.

I feel kind of sorry for the Tito, though. While I doubt he could really get any woman he wanted, he could club some girl over the head and drag her home, and still do much better than the completely used up, and tossed away Jenna Jameson. Maybe he just enjoys the irony of the fact that the bigger he gets, the thinner she gets.

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Plenty of “Golden Globes” at the AVN Awards

The big story last night was the cancellation of the Golden Globe Awards, or rather the non-cancellation of the show. Instead of having a big red carpet, and lavish awards show, the winners were announced in ridiculously boring press conference. Anyone who actually watched that show must really have had absolutely nothing better to do. This was one year when you could definitely just check the winners on the the Globes' website, and you wouldn't have missed a single thing.

But, if you really need your fix of Award Show red carpet hoopla, there was another ceremony going on last night. Just down the road in Las Vegas, the AVN Awards were being handed out. And if you didn't know, we're talking about the Porn awards. Yes, the award show madness has gotten so bad, that even Porn Stars want their long, hard, shiny, metal awards (but probably for different reasons).

Many of your favourite Porn Stars were in attendance, including the now scary Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick, Jenna Haze, Stormy Daniels, Monique Alexandre, Belladonna, Charmaine Star, Sasha Grey, Justine Joli, Mary Carey, Sunny Luv, Rebecca Linares, and many other of Porn's "finest." Oh, don't pretend like you don't know who they are...

Alright, so it's not exactly the same caliber as the real Golden Globes, but it's better than nothing, right? Lots more pictures from the AVN Awards after the jump.

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Jenna Jameson: Undead Plastic Zombie Lady

Boy am I glad Jenna Jameson quit doing porn. I don't think I've ever seen a scarier undead plastic zombie lady in my life. Well, maybe I have, but not by much, and that's still not a good thing for Jenna Jameson. Forget fake boobs. She's got fake lips, fake skin, fake hair, and now that I can see her bones, I'm pretty sure those are fake too.

Seriously, I am so happy she's not doing porn anymore.

More of Jenna Jameson's expressionless plastic zombie face after the jump.

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