Jenna Dewan

Kristen Bell, Nia Long, Minnie Driver, and Jenna Dewan Tatum Nearly Nekkid for Allure

It’s that time again. The May edition of Allure magazine when even the ladies magazine is giving something back to the menfolk with a bundle of individual slightly covered nekkid shots of some of the sweetness names in show-off business. Names you might not expect like Kristen Bell, Minnie Driver, Nia Long, and Jenna Dewan Tatum all looking one slight turn away from revealing their full goodness.

Oh, sure, there’s a little help from the software in these photos, but the poses and the peeks are still ever so sweet, with skintastic views of some fine ladies we’d likely not ever see so bare or at least without a body double in their film work. I do so lust shimmering nekkid hot celebrities. If the shimmer isn’t there, I just apply it in my own mind, like a Photoshop effect. Just wonderful work, Allure, with more to come I am sure. Enjoy.

Reese Witherspoon Sideboobs and Miranda Kerr Cleavetastic Help to Hotten Up the Vanity Fair Post Oscar Party

Vanity Fair knows how to throw a post-Oscars party. It’s sort of the big event everybody moves to after all the official business is done at the Academy Awards. Plus they throw in all the sextastic celebrities who didn’t quite get an official Oscar invite, the likes of Reese Witherspoon who took the occasion to show off an unusual, but definitely appreciate amount of bare boob with her daring dress.

Along with Reese, Sofia Vergara, Miranda Kerr, Olivia Munn, and Zooey Deschanel helped make this the most ultimate prom night you didn’t get invited to. Or I should say, I didn’t, so just like prom night. The ladies looked stunning. If only Reese had gotten Georgia-tipsy in that dress, we might’ve seen a malfunction for the ages. But, it’s Oscar night, so everybody was on sadly good behavior. Enjoy.

Jenna Dewan, Bella Thorne, Maria Menounos, Emmy Rossum, Keke Palmer Lead the Hotness at the Women in Television Celebration

I’m down for celebrating women anywhere. Why not the ladies of television who provide us so many wonderful views on a daily or weekly basis. Do you realize how hard it was for our cavemen ancestors to see tons of smoking hot half-dressed women? They had to ascend mountains and traverse valleys and face imminent danger just to maybe see one. We get to hit the remote and flip through a bevy of beauties from the comfort of our couch and beer holders. Silly cavemen.

A strong gaggle of sextastic ladies attended the Women in Television Celebration, highlighted by the cleavy hotness of Jenna Dewan, Bella Thorne, Maria Menounos, Emmy Awesomeand a wonderful leggy show from Keke Palmer. I certainly felt the power of sisterhood. I mean, I think that’s what I’m feeling, I can never be too precise when it  comes to tingles and shivers. There might be a little brotherhood involved here as well. Enjoy.

Jenna Dewan Low Cut Lovelies Flashing at Ocean Drive Magazine Launch

January is the single busiest time in Hollywood for all the hottie to strut their stuff on various red carpets. Every brand and magazine is throwing major parties around Awards season. It’s like July in Pamplona, but this is the running of the sextastic.

We feared Jenna Dewan (also known as Jenna Dewan-Tatum, but we’re sticking to our three year rule on celebrity marriages) would lose her outstandingly tight lady body with the birth of her child. But, nope, it’s right back where it started from, and even better. Jenna is back in full show off mode, flashing serious cleavage at the Ocean Drive magazine party in Miami. Looking good, mommy, very good. Enjoy.

Amy Adams, Jenna Dewan, Sofia Vergara, Sandra Bullock Highlight the Hotties at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet

You know how much I love a red carpet. Seeing all the girls in their finest, imagining they’re parading down the crimson carpet in a contest to win my affections for the evening, or however long our unbridled passions would last, so, half an evening. All the time into making the face and boobs and butt look just right in some designer gown. It’s kind of exciting really.

Outside of Oscar night, there’s perhaps more bigger Awards show evening than that of the Golden Globe Awards. It brings out the good looking ladies from both film and television in one mega cat-fight of one-upsmanship. Or upswomanship. It’s really quite a night, even if the Awards show itself is a silly bit of business from hard drinking foreign journalists living the life in Hollywood.

While there was any number of sweet decked out treats this year, the likes of my future girlfriend Amy Adams, new mama Jenna Dewan, about to be mama Olivia Wilde, lesbionic hottie Amber Heard, underrated veteran beauty Sandra Bullock, Sofia Vergara who kills every red carpet, and many more filled out my dance card for hottest ladies at the ball this evening. Check them all out, I’m sure I’ll be updating throughout the night, cocktail consumption count being my only excuse for negligence in that regard Enjoy.

Jenna Dewan Lingerie Pictures Light Up Pre-MILFhood Hotness for Esquire

At one time, Jenna Dewan (now married to Channing Tatum, but we don’t use married last names in Hollywood until 3+ years of marriage, since that saves us 97% of official name changes on the site) had one of the finest bottom sides in all of Hottieville, and perhaps she will again some day, as the model and actress faces pending motherhood, going out with a sextastic bang prior to blowing up with a lingerie pictorial on the pages of this month’s Esquire magazine.

Now, we can respect a woman who wants to show off her hotness before turning into a progeny machine, pretty much like we respect the sexy celebs who show off during and after pregnancy as well. We love our women in all stages of their female form. In fact, we just really like seeing hot girls nekkid, or near nekkid in little bits of lingerie. And Jenna Dewan, she’s might fine. Enjoy.

Check Out Jenna Dewan in Her Esquire Joke Video »

Jenna Dewan and Miley Cyrus Lead List of Notable Diva Bodies for VH-1 Event

We’ve really missed Jenna Dewan, now wife of Channing Tatum, and one time one of our favorite booties in Hollywood to pretend we weren’t leering at whenever we saw her in a bikini or a tight pair of pants. Now, she’s back and pregnant giving her super boobtastic pushed up goodness at the VH-1 Divas event, which we totally forgot that was happening, because we’re just kind of surprised when the cable music channels actually do anything related to music any longer. But Jenna’s perfectly ripe plums were worth the wait.

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus made a sweet show of her own, both in a body hugging little black number on the red carpet, and in her Road Warrior bare-midriff revealing costume for performance for the show. Miley keeps working out so that she can keep dressing without underwear, a personal grooming habit of Miley’s we are bound to champion. Enjoy.