Newly Single Jenna Dewan Shows Off Her Dancer’s Body After Yoga Class

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aldo-vallon - April 12, 2018

A woman like Jenna Dewan is only single for as long as she wants to be, which is why if Channing Tatum is having any second thoughts about this separation then he had better swallow his pride and reconcile. Even a gorgeous hunk of man meat like him cannot hope to do much better than that dancer’s body. Just get a look at those kneecaps protruding from those yoga pants. They are fit enough to juice an orange.

I think Jenna is already scouting for the local talent. Why else would she be going to yoga? Clearly she is not a regular, the woman does not even know how to properly carry her yoga mat. It is the true sign of an amateur to hold it like a toddler that isn’t yours, or it is yours but it is the third child so there isn’t much pressure to do a good job.

Everyone knows that yoga is the place to be to pick up divorced chicks and look at butts. As far as I am aware she is not yet divorced, but there isn’t a ring on the finger so it seems like it would be a fair play. Channing had better get his priorities in order quick, otherwise a manbun might become the stepfather to his child.


Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA