Jasmine Waltz

Jasmine Waltz Flashing Her Butt Cheeks In Hollywood

Sex tape star and David Arquette’s ex-girlfriend Jasmine Waltz flashed her booty for the cameras in LA. Jasmine, who after her sex tape has no qualms about showing skin on camera, was hanging out in Hollywood when she spotted some photogs taking her picture. Never wanting to disappoint, Jasmine decided to give them something to photograph. She lifted her skirt and showed off her perfectly round cheeks for our viewing pleasure. I appreciate her professionalism that even when she’s just out for a night on the town she is still willing to take the time to share her butt with the world.

She also lifted up some random girl’s skirt for the cameras as well. Thank you, Jasmine. You are a national treasure.

‘Hot Stew’ on Egotastic! Features What’s Stewing Kieron Elliott and Jasmine Waltz

What's Stewing Ian and Jasmine?

You know we can’t get enough excuses to invite hot girls to our studio to watch them do, well, watch them do anything. So we rang up naughty Hollywood brunette Jasmine Waltz, who we’ve respected ever since she bopped Lindsay Lohan in the kisser, and we paired her up with Kieron Elliott, the ever-impassioned Scotsman from our own Is It Manly program, and we asked them to rant about what’s stewing them today. Oh, man, we got an earful, and with such rude language, our cheeks blushed (though that could also be related to National Vodka Day).

Check out the innaugural edition of Hot Stew on Egotastic!, sponsored by the the Colin Farrell and Chrisopher Walken oddball comedy, Seven Psychopaths, opening in theaters this Friday, October 12th.

Leilani Dowding, Jasmine Waltz, and Brandi Howe Spend a Day at the Gym With Egotastic! (VIDEO)

I think I’ve finally found the motivating factor I need to get my lazy ass to the gym. Bring three hot girls with you and you’ll suddenly find yourself sweating to the oldies.

So, we called up a couple good friends; first Eurasian long and lean hottie Leilani Dowding, the former Miss Universe contestant, and Jasmine Waltz, infamous about Hollywood for scandalous behavior because hot girls have been getting into trouble in Hollywood since they built this place. Then, me, putting on my Charlie’s Angels yarmulke, knew that I had to find a sweet blonde to round out this fitness trio, so we got hold of Brandi Howe, who you more detail oriented readers will know as the Finalist for Girls Gone Wild’s search for the hottest girl in America earlier this year. And, off we went.

Now, here’s the great news. I cut my sorry-self out of every single picture. That’s the magic I do for you. And left you with a skin-tight workout look at three sextastic, lean, wicked hot gym rats. Enjoy.

Brandi Howe from Girls Gone Wild Hottest Girls in AmericaFor more of the deliciously delightful Brandi Howe, well, you really must see these exclusive topless photos of Brandi Howe at Girls Gone Wild.

For more on the beautifully British Leilani Dowding, and some very sweet pictures, be sure to check out her Leilani Collection apparel page and follow Leilani on Twitter and tell her you love her squats.

For Jasmine Waltz, well, I could give you a bunch of links, but why not get to the heart of the matter and check out the Jasmine Waltz sex tape, still quite ripe and available online.

(Special thanks to photographer Matthew Wardenaar and to Muscle Under Fitness in West Hollywood)

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Jasmine Waltz Does Shark Week the Right Way

The bikini God have truly blessed today with some ridiculously sexy bodies clad in the skimpiest of two-piece wonderments. Enter Jasmine Waltz, sex tape star and talk d’jour around Hollywood for which actors she may or may not be snoggling, and her downright upright bikini sensational body. Say what you will about how Jasmine came to her fame, she’s working it in the way we must applaud, half-nekkid. Hey, they don’t just let you hump sharks if you’re not hot, that’s sort of a rule. Enjoy.

(And, yes, you can still see Jasmine Waltz in the fleshy fleshy bouncy bouncy sex tape on the Egotastic! discount if you’re so inclined at RealJasmine.com.)

Jasmine Waltz Dons a Bikini, Washes Her Car, and Sucks On A Popsicle… It’s All Good

Our new best friend and Hollywood siren and sex-taper d’jour, Jasmine Waltz, took upon herself the benevolent act of washing her car in a bikini top and a pair of Daisy Dukes for the paparazzi lenses, later moving onto the slow seductive sucking of a popsicle, I suppose all in an attempt to make you understand why half of Hollywood’s male actor population has stood little chance against her bedroom-leading charms. And, well, I understand. Sure, fidelity and sticking to the marital vows, and respecting yourself in the morning, all important in theory, but that bikini body and that butt and those legs — no jury of your male peers would ever find cause to convict you of moral heresy. It’s just simply not fair. Enjoy.

(And, yes, the folks at RealJasmine.com are still offering their discount to Egotastic! readers for the recently released Jasmine Waltz sex tape.)

EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING: The Jasmine Waltz Sex Tape Preview Clips Part Deux (VIDEO)



Just to recap, Jasmine Waltz, the unusually hot model/actress/waitress who has been allegedly be-banging her way through scores of Hollywood actors, married, single, and otherwise, including (literally) coming between David Arquette and Courtney Cox, leaked out an amateur-captured sex tape of one of her rounds of making of the nekkid sexy and it’s making the rounds as everybody figures out how this girl was able to seduce many of Tinsel Town’s horny clowns.

Thanks to our friends at RealJasmine.com, the holders to the privileged media therein, for providing a second exclusive preview for our readers, and continuing their 10% off discount for EgoReaders interested in purchasing the dirty Waltz in its entirety. We love giving our readers special deals almost as much as we love seeing Jasmine Waltz going cowgirl, but it’s really close. Enjoy.

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Jasmine Waltz Sex Tape Preview Drops on Egotastic!



As you may recall, the delightfully morally turpitude-free Jasmine Waltz, the cocktail waitress who allegedly once punched Lindsay Lohan in the face (likely deservingly so), the Hollywood party girl and actress wannabe who has allegedly bedded the likes of Chris Pine, Jesse McCartney, and Ryan Seacrest (the last name of which makes me wonder if they were just shopping for fabulous bedding), and, most notably, the brunette bombshell who was apparently knocking boots with David Arquette, coincidentally right about the time David split from long time wife and cougar-hottie Courtney Cox, well, now her celebrity sex tape has hit the digisphere and Egotastic has an exclusive first look at a clip from the eponymously entitled RealJasmine and, well, she’s pretty damn hot.

But we knew this already, just by checking our Egotastic Jasmine Waltz celebrity page for a look at her past bondage and bikini visuals. Enjoy.

EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING — AND A DEAL! As a courtesy to our Egotastic! readers, the guys who have control of the Jasmine Waltz sex tape are offering a discount to Ego faithful who would be interested in gobbling up the entire tape; it is a hoot and a holler and a hottie and a half.

To see more Jasmine Waltz sex tape stills, and for 10% off the listed price for EgoReaders, CLICK HERE.
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