January Jones

Tribeca Film Festival Premiere: Sara Sampaio Plunging Neckline, Amber Heard Major Side Boob And January Jones Cleavy Peeks

Don’t you know, it’s that time of year for the Tribeca Film Festival. Tons of movies will be exhibited that will probably never make it to your local cineplex, but ten percent of them will be probably worth watching. I can raise that number to ninety percent watch rate by introducing the super attractive women who showed up to various premieres at the festival over the weekend. It’s New York, it’s movies, and it’s high brow. You’re going to get the sextastic cream of the crop.

Sara Sampaio my Portuguese virtual lover showed up in a deep plunging neckline, Amber Heard looked like ninety billion dollars of amazing side boob, the usually demure January Jones was flashing enticing cleavage, Blake Lively had hew new mom boobs pushed up in red, and so much more. I’m not sure if anybody actually stayed for the movies. I would’ve been content with popcorn and ogle worthy position on the lineup of special cinematic babes decked out in their skin revealing finest. There ought to be a festival just for that. Though we can skip Tribeca, how about everybody back to my place where a man appreciates the finer arts. So much goodness. Enjoy.

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January Jones Leggy Lingerie Crazy Hot in Vogue (Damn, Betty Draper, You Are Killing Me)

Wow, I’m not sure I’ve seen January Jones look quite this good before, and that’s with a standard of always looking good. But this Vogue Italy magazine spread of January Jones in various lingerie, boudoir, and hang out sextastic in the house photos are just devastating my very prurient soul. These are the kinds of pictures that make me happy to be a man. This and sports on big screen TVs would be my two favorite thing about God’s gender choice for me.

January Jones can look so outrageously hot. Stockings, panties, bras, oh my. I wish she would do ever so much more of this. I know she’s a mom now and a serious actress and a bunch of other things not nearly as important as being an incredibly alluring female creature, but we need more stockings and garters pics, January, Stat. Enjoy.

January Jones Black and White and Hot All Over for Violet Grey

Sometimes some of our most sextastic celebrities take a general pause from their work of being super good looking and we forget that at one time they were the lusts of our lives, or one of the colors in our lust rainbow. January Jones has been on the low key for a couple years now outside of her work on Mad Men. But it’s photos like this black and white stunning pictorial from Violet Grey that remind me at least why my heart used to go boom at the mere mention of her name. Wow.

January might very well be a victim somewhat of her own fame playing a rather unlikeable and annoying housewife. I don’t know what she’s like in real life, but I do know what she looks like. Like a woman so hot I’d probably forgive many of her nagging qualities even if she had them. That’s the kind of sacrifice that has to be made at times to cozy up to gorgeous women with ridiculously hot bodies. I can live with that. Enjoy.

Kate Bosworth, Shiri Appleby, and January Jones Topless in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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Lucky ’13 is almost over, hard to believe. But with the end of the calendar comes the countdowns and top lists and memories of mammaries of the past twelve months. Our skinematic knowledgeable friends at Mr. Skin have come up with their top three nekkid debuts of 2013, if for no other reason than another chance to remind viewers that while America remains something of a Puritanical home, we still have blessed bold pockets of fine female exhibitions on screen.

For his top three, Mr. Skin has chosen Kate Bosworth flashing her precious sweethearts in Big Sur, Shiri Appleby getting some nekkid love juicing in Girls, and January Jones riverbed funbags in Sweetwater. Take a trip down melancholy lane and feel the love. Enjoy.

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January Jones Topless, Anna Friel Topless, and Kristen Bell Bare Booty Highlight the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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You know when any post begins with January Jones being topless, it’s going to be, in the least, interesting. But let’s move right to compelling and must-see, as in this week’s Mr. Skin Minute video from our skin loving fiends and friends at Mr. Skin.com. If there’s somebody hot not wearing clothes onscreen, these guys are on it. So, as always, be sure to wipe.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes the aforementioned January Jones quite topless in Sweetwater now available On Demand, Anna Friel and other hottie topless ladies n a glamourous glamour model in The Book of Love out on Blu-Ray, and Kristen Bell flashing bare bottom and sideboob in The Lifeguard, now also out on Blu-Ray. Three quite attractive ladies I’d not kick out of my home theater for eating popcorn with their mouths open. Enjoy.

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January Jones Topless and a Tribute to GOT Topless Goodness in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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With all the hubbub this week in Hollywood about the bleak future of the film industry, I’d like to suggest that perhaps the removal of almost all skin-related content from mainstream cinema might have something to do with turning adults away from the theater-going experience. There are far less actresses baring skin in studio films these days than ever before. Is it any wonder indie films and premium TV are stealing the grown up eyeballs? I have an idea for Hollywood to turn this all around — stop being afraid of sex. It’s 2013. That’s getting so so tired. I’m done.

You know who isn’t scared of the nekkid female form? Our friends at Mr. Skin. They adore it as we do. This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes January Jones in what is certain to become a legendary topless scene in the indie film, Sweetwater, a tribute to the ladies of Season 3 of Game of Thrones who took off their clothes, and a little nod to the topless head-bobbing scene of actress London Gill (aka Dallas West) in This Is The End. Embrace the boobtastic. Enjoy.

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January Jones Topless Sweet Treats Flashed Historically in Sweetwater (VIDEO)

January Jones Topless Screencaps in Movie Sweetwater
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Yet to hit the theaters in the U.S., but the Western drama Sweetwater is already bound to be your single favorite cowbody flick since your last favorite cowboy flick thanks to January Jones being quite topless in what will surely become a legendary Mr. Skin clip for eons to come.

I don’t want to give too much away, but January Jones is a 19th century something or other somewhere and two cowboys set upon her with a mind toward non-consentual lovemaking when January turns and comes upon them with a gun. Hint: the would be un-gentlemanly type do not come out on top. But we the audience do, for the tops of January Jones are spectacularly bare and I feel myself reaching for my own six-shooter (okay, that’s bragging, and not close to true).

Betty Draper topless to open up a Monday — the stars are truly aligned this morning. Enjoy.

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