Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin Bra Dancing to Celebrate Barely Legal in Love Magazine (VIDEO)

Love Magazine refers to their annual dancing of the young models as their advent calendar. It still seems like young models dancing and modeling in their underthings to me, but I’m a purest, also a prurient ogler, so this works out just as well for me as a wall calendar.

Hailey Baldwin just turned eighteen a couple weeks ago and as a Baldwin offspring and Jenner family friend and all around blonde model, she was obliged really to star in this latest and great girl in her bra dancing in an empty motel room memes that seem popular among the teen girl set these days. I can’t speak much to her dancing skills but the modeling talents seem genuine in Stephen’s daughter.

I suspect we’ll be seeing much more of her shortly without the bra, but that’s just a guess, or a hopeful wish now that she’s eighteen and I can express such views without being strangled by a string of pearls from the pearl clutches who keeps the barbarians at the gate. Enjoy.

Hailey Baldwin Eases Into Her 18th With Red Lolly Autumnal Jaunts

With just a couple weeks to go until her barely legal birthday, model, celebrity daughter, and Kendall Jenner BFF Hailey Baldwin decided to give it one more Lolita romp around the Big Apple with a cherry red sucker in her mouth straight out of some book that I probably should return to the public library after fifteen years overdue. Hailey Baldwin has sort of stolen the spotlight from her cousin Ireland Baldwin who spent her barely legal year eschewing modeling in favor of Sapphic love making with her older female rapper girl squeeze. Fair enough. Hailey has stuck to Manhattan and turning her several years of a grade school education and her name and looks and genetic gifts into a burgeoning modeling career. Whatever else is going on there behind the red lolly is something that we can’t really discuss in full for another couple weeks. Suffice it to say, nice girls finish last. Sort of like nice guys, despite the protestations otherwise.

Hailey Baldwin, you are going places. I presume you’re ready. Enjoy.

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin Bikini Paddle Boarding in the Hamptons

Kendall Jenner is spending the summer in the Hamptons with her family being filmed, like we all did when we reached the age of high school graduation though not necessarily graduating. I’d complain in some shape or manner, but I’d rather watch Kendall Jenner in her bikini floating on a paddle board along with her teen friend Hailey Baldwin, the non-lesbionic Baldwin model offspring. I’d feel bad about peeping on this innocent sunbathing session were it not for the fact that a team of E! cameramen were nearby staging the entire event. Plus, I’m sort of incapable of shame.

It’s hard to look at grown up Kendall and not harken back so many years ago when she was just an innocent starting out on Keeping Up With the Kardashians by laying in her swimsuit on a paddle board. Now, here she is, an adult, laying in her swimsuit on a paddle board. She’s come a long way. And so have we, to the point now I can even mention how she got the model hot body in her family. She is the one. Not like in the Matrix, just in my corrupt an already corrupted Jenner dreams. Enjoy.

Hailey Baldwin Bikini Pictures Contemplate the Beach

It’s probably not super easy having crazy Stephen Baldwin as your dad. But Hailey Baldwin seems to be coming through it all with shining colors, or at least a shining smile, and a desire to run across the beach in her bikini like other girls her age, though with paparazzi cameras literally on her tail, Hailey is growing up with a slightly higher standard.

Still on her beach vacation, Hailey and her buddy took in the sand and surf and continued to throw her hat in the ring for the Baldwin offspring everybody will be talking about in the next coming years. My money’s still on Ireland, but never discount the moxie of the girl nobody expected to be a contender. We shall see. Enjoy.

Hailey Baldwin Bikini Pictures For Blue Baldwin Cousin Treats

Well, I’ll say this. The young Baldwin cousins are making quite a name for themselves in the beach bikini and paparazzi circuit these days.

Hailey Baldwin, just a few months younger than her professional model cousin, Ireland Baldwin, took her turn on the sands of South Florida, sporting a blue bikini that was definitely not intended to hide her from the public eye.

Though we treat our rarely occurring not quite yet barely legal denizen with tender gloves, there’s no denying that both Hailey and her cousin are ready to break out of ‘cute daughter’ mode and into grown up Baldwin ‘here comes  trouble’ mode in very short order. If not today. Enjoy.

Hailey Baldwin Bikini Pictures Invite Older Sister Alaia Baldwin Into the Frolicking Mix

Not to beat a dead horse, or beat a rehabbing skateboarding minister, but Stephen Baldwin’s greatest accomplishment, err, accomplishments, are clearly his heavenly (that’s all we can say at 17) daughter Hailey Baldwin who continued her Miami Beach frolicking in colorful bikini routine, adding 19-year old sister Alaia Baldwin into the giggling girls mix for a delicious Baldwin offspring twosome.

As far as official comments, well, given Hailey’s delicate age, we have no official comment. But unofficially, yowzer! Enjoy.

Hailey Baldwin Bikini Pictures Continue Her Run As the Teen Celeb Offspring To Beat

Again, we take back all the mean and derogatory comments, thoughts, and confessional rants we’ve ever made about Stephen Baldwin, who we thought actually topped the Baldwin Brothers looney list, which is saying something, because while the actor turned skateboarding minister hasn’t made a good film since Usual Suspects in 1995 (okay, we’ll give you Half Baked a couple years later), about that same time he did sire the girl who would become teen bikini queen Hailey Baldwin who is gathering more and more paparazzi attention the longer she twirls, spins, and prances along Miami Beach in her tiny bikinis this July.

The teen model and future heartbreaker no doubt has been sporting a new bikini a day along the Florida Coast and not being very shy about dancing about in her two-piece tiny clothing, including conducting an actual dance practice in a black bikini on the hot Sunshine State sand. As if people aren’t going to stare (we’re helpless!). Enjoy.