Hailey Bieber’s Dance!

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Tex Hollywood - April 22, 2020

I started putting this post together based on misinformation and lies!

It was posted somewhere saying something like "Hailey Bieber's Pregnancy Reveal".

So I thought I was getting on some scoop early! I figured a recently pregnant Bieber baby momma doing a little twerking would be huge news. It would also be a final and exciting as we reach her final curtain moment, seeing as it is all downhill from here. We don't hate moms, we need them to keep our species alive, but from MOM on out, she's a mom! It just doesn't have the same ring to "she's not a mom yet".

I think the "pregnancy reveal" was in reference to her untoned stomach as some people have unrealistic standards for these celeb types.

I figure the sexy dance is still worth sharing with those of you who aren't on TikTok because of that whole CHINESE Spyware thing, those of you who like hot models dancing and those of you Stephen Baldwin fans.