Hailey Baldwin Nude Bodysuit For Vogue Mexico

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aldo-vallon - December 11, 2018

Is what Hailey Baldwin’s wearing considered a complete outfit? Like she’s good to leave the house and pick up some groceries? This is similar to a modified version of a woman wearing a man’s oversized jersey, and because there is no risk of an upshot of her nethers we are going to pretend it is okay.

I know that she is technically more clothed than even when wearing a swimsuit, but somehow this feels even more risqué. When a gal is wearing a swimsuit there is so much exposed that I borderline on sensory overload. I have so much to take in I barely can focus on any of it. It is like when a dolphin attacks a school of fish, but the fish can move out of the way because the dolphin cannot zero in on a single fish. When a fish is out in the open, though, it is easy for that dolphin to scoop him up.

Hailey’s legs are that solitary fish right now. I am actually thankful that they did not release any rear photos from this shoot. I am having a hard enough time with just thighs, I cannot imagine what I would do if a rump was added to the equation.



Photo Credit: Instagram