Freida Pinto Heats Up Pages of Esquire Magazine With Mother Nature Blessed Sextastic

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bill-swift - February 29, 2012

Sometimes I just want to give Mother Nature a high five for some of her handiwork. For the hotness that is Freida Pinto, I might go five up high and another five down low. Just a supremely nice piece of work, Ma Nature.

The Indian actress lights up the upcoming edition of Esquire U.K. with plain, old-fashioned sextastic. You know, the kind where the smoking hot celeb puts on just a little bit of underwear or workout clothes and stares into the camera while letting her hotness do the talking.

I'd kill to be the guy who does her laundry; and I don't say that as some kind of pervert,  I say that as a man who just believes strongly in making dirty clothes clean. After a little private time hugging them gently to my body and weeping with happiness. Enjoy.