Emily DiDonato

Emily DiDonato’s Nipples Say Hello

Emily DiDonato took some time out of her busy schedule to show everyone in Miami Beach her nipples. During a recent shoot, Emily wore a shirt that was mostly not there. Her perfectly formed flesh mounds were on full display. I have to respect a girl that's willing to go that extra mile for her art. Some girls stop at flashing a bit of nip or perhaps some sideboob. Not Emily. She wants you to appreciate the entirety of her ladies while still not being completely topless. It's almost like a magic trick only instead of someone making you pick a card, it's a girl in short shorts and a see through shirt. Now that's the kind of magic I can get behind.

One of my favorite things about Emily is her gorgeous big blue eyes. I am a sucker for a girl with pretty eyes. I mean, don't get me wrong the first thing I'd notice would probably be the see through shirt but a close second would be her eyes.Well...OK...maybe not a close second.

Emily DiDonato Covered Topless and Back in Our Ogling Clutches

I can't help but feel that I'm a bit cursed in that not long after I discover some new incredibly sextastic woman, they seem to disappear into the ether for some period of time. It's almost as if my frightening, borderline psychotic stalking of their every waking (and sleeping) moment causes them to reflect upon their push into the public eye. But I'm sure I'm just reading into things.

Emily DiDonato shattered our hearts and discombobulated our freaking minds (as in, groins) when we first started seeing bits and glorious pieces of her early last year. Then she kind of went off the grid on us. It was like having the first six digits to a phone number and not the last, what are you going to do? Okay, sure, you could just try 0 to 9 for the final digit, but that could take up to ten phone calls to get it right. That's real work. Thankfully, Emily is back and sultry wet and covered topless hot in this mini-pictorial for Vogue Spain. I really do want ever so much more of this. I need that final number. Make it ring, Emily, make it ring! Enjoy.

Emily DiDonato Topless See-Through Beach Shoot Hot Enough to Boil The Ocean (And That’s No Exaggeration)


I have fallen quite in lust with Emily DiDonato. The model has rip roared onto the national and international scene in the past year with the skill of just being wicked hot and looking amazing in anything she's wearing, or not.

Featured in Double magazine, Emily DiDonato homages Baywatch along the beach wearing some iconic looks and barely any clothing to flash her ridiculously hot body and one compelling ton of allure. I'm pretty sure at least one or more of these photos will enter my Temple of Boom all-time favorite photos. See if you can figure out which one that is. Enjoy.

Emily DiDonato Swimwear Pictures for Glorious Summertime Goodness

Emily DiDonato made the SI Swimsuit Edition this year, but she owned our lust-filled hearts well before that. Though only 22, Emily has already made great strides toward the top of our charts of young models we'd like to kindly volunteer to be in the baby making rooms of our underground compound. It's quite an honor, I know.

Emily is currently featured in the Oysho Swimswear collection for Summer 2013, a summer that is nearly upon us. Much like we'd love for Emily to be upon us. In the compound. We shall be fruitful. Enjoy.

Emily DiDonato Hella Beach Time Bare and Sextastic for Allure

Say hello to Emily DiDonato. New York native, Irish-Italian (can't get much more New York than that) and just one super fine young woman we are so happy to introduce to the Egotastic! family, now that she's featured in the current edition of Allure magazine.

And alluring she is. Super effin' alluring in this tanned, wet beachy photoshoot that is more than an introduction to Emily, it's a launching pad for full on DiDonato dream lust. Yet another confirmation that the best reason to go to the beach has nothing to do with the water.