Emily DiDonato Yamamay Christmas Lingerie Hotness

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bill-swift - December 14, 2016

First, obviously, apologies for the presence of some dude in these otherwise stellar photos of New York model Emily DiDonato modeling Christmas themed silky and lacy little nothings for the Yuletide. There's no way to properly calculate the amount of damage done by male models and the people who insist on employing them to this world at large, most notably gentleman oglers. We're all victims. That being said, Emily is so ridiculously hot and alluring in her revealing boudoir wear, I simply had to share regardless.

Christmas happens to be the largest sales period of the year for lingerie. As I do every year, while I will not caution you against prurient arousal from leering at the hotness likes of Emily DiDonato in skimpy panties and bras, I will highly recommend you keep yourself from purchasing lingerie for the current object of your affection. It's a gift rife with peril that works out well mostly only in the movies and letters to the Penthouse editor. Buy jewelry or something cute and floral or stuffed and cuddly and you're certain to get to where you're going more certainly than that look on her face when she wonders what kind of girl you take her for, let alone why you'd imagine she was a size so-and-so. Tread lightly on gift giving occasions, my brothers. Crotchless panties does not a crotch make available, or something like that. Confucius Swift out. Enjoy.