Edita Vilkeviciute

Edita Vilkeviciute Open Robe Peeks, Wait, That’s My Future Wife!

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I certainly have mixed feelings when my beautiful tall and long and lovely and naturally hot Lithuanian future wife Edita Vilkeviciute shows off her stellar fine form for the general public. I mean, yes, I’m obviously proud of the fact that I’m only thirty-seven steps removed from taking this woman as my wife until such time as she divorces me for a slough of likely very good reasons. But I’m also a little bit possessive about showing off her faptastic funbags to all the neighbors. You know that wife. You like her, but she’s kind of a handful for her husband.

In this wonderfully wicked Pamela Hanson pictorial, Edita, err, the future Mrs. Egotastic, let’s her robe fall asunder revealing her pert peaches and probably some idea of at least five lines on my agenda for our wedding night. Oh, there will be honey. Edita is one of those transcendent figures that even when posing ostensibly for women causes men to catch their breath if not other reflexive reactions. She’s a stunner. And she’s almost all mine. Hands off. Eyeballs still okay. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Pamela Hanson

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Edita Vilkeviciute Topless Boxer

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You want to talk about pugilism worth watching. I’ll take my future wife, Edita Vilkeviciute, decked out in boxer gear and flashing a fun shot of her funbags for my favorite form of sport. This one won’t cost you a hundred dollars and I guarantee your inner judge will approve. Such a hot tall drink of water in this black get up for Flair magazine.

Edita, my money goes on you for the technical knock out. I’m already feeling woozy and this fight has only just begun. While I can appreciate the pure thrill of men pounding the craptastic out of each other, I prefer the sweet science of making the sexy with statuesque Lithuanian models in padded gloves. To each their own. Somebody, please, ring the bell. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Flair Italy

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Edita Vilkeviciute Bikini Body Perfection for H&M

When my future bride Edita Vilkeviciute gets to showing off her fine Lithuanian form in bikinis, I get to remembering why I fell in lust with her those many years ago. One simply perfect looking woman with one outstandingly hot female form, showing off in two piece swimwear for the H&M retail brand.

Now H&M might be kind to offer a warning that your own results may vary from those displayed in the Edita promotional photoshoot. It would be beyond reason to think anybody could match the pure raw bikini pimping power of the future Mrs. Egotastic save for but a small handful of other worldly supermodels. Nevertheless, I more than anyone understands the idea of buying into the dream. That laser beam spec of hope that my phone will ring late night with Edita looking for a booty call just because she’s feeling tense and doesn’t want any complications. It’s why I keep my phone on full ring volume. Still waiting. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: H&M

Edita Vilkeviciute Topless Because Somebody Has Naughty Hot Photos of My Future Wife

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You know that old joke where some shady guy says to a husband, do you have nekkid pictures of your wife, and the husband says no, then the shady guy says, oh, you want to buy some? That still makes me laugh. But believe me, when EgoReader ‘Reggie’ told me he had some topless hot behind the scenes photos of my almost wife Edita Vilkeviciute, it was no laughing matter. I had to take a look. And, naturally share. Because part of my marital vows include ‘in sickness and in healthy digital publication of all naughty photos’.

These teat-licious visuals of my stunning Lithuanian bride to be actually come from Lui magazine a couple years back. But I’ve not before seen these behind the scene sextastic bits of epic. It only makes me want to upgrade to the Silver Package at the Ramada where I’ll be taking Edita on the first of our eleven planned honeymoons. Silver comes with the coffee maker, which you’re going to want if you intend to make love thirty-seven times in the forty-eight hours they let you have the room. Edita, you so inspire me to feats of erotic passion that I can’t possibly fulfill. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lui Magazine

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Edita Vilkeviciute Bikini Pictures Pimping the Two Pieces Swimsuits Like a Champ

It’s that time of year again when my future wife gets paid a bundle that I leave entirely in her name to model the hotties bikinis for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons. Edita Vilkeviciute is perhaps the most underrated of the world class bikini models, if that’s even possible given her international rankings on the list of top models, not to mention my personal list of women over 5’8″ I’d like to watch honey dripping down their bodies. But she more often is seen in high fashion or trendy artsy shoots than strictly in bikini pimping as she does for Next Swimmwear. And she does it very so well.

Anybody can wear a bikini, the question is, can you make it look ridiculously stunning. Edita is definitely in that limited category of fine female forms who makes everything she wears look like something the genie whipped up after she wished for the perfect head turner at the beach. Edita, when we are finally wed, I might ask that you pull back on some of your more revealing modeling. If you feel the need to slap me and tell me you’ll be making all the important decisions in our marriage, that works too. Just lead with your right please so I can be somewhat prepared. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Next Swimwear

Edita Vilkeviciute Topless Black and White All Over Perfection in SSAW


One of the most common questions I receive, really second most to ‘when do you think you’ll have my money back to me?’ is ‘does your future wife Edita Vilkeviciute still have absolutely perfect funbags and a statuesque lean Lithuanian sextastic female form? I usually try to mumble and mutter around the answer to the first question, but as to the second, well, a definitive yes!

As you know, Edita and I have been taking steps toward holy matrimony for several years now, impeded only by my chivalrous desire to give her all the time and space she needs to take the final plunge. Or the first step. One of the two. Either way, this is a romance for the ages. And if you take a peek at Edita topless in black and white in this pictorial for SSAW Magazine, you might just realize why I wait daily at the altar for her to make her appearance. The wedding night along is worth a multi-year stoic stance at the front of the aisle in a rented tuxedo. The honeymoon and the two to four months of unabashed ecstasy before she wakes from her coma and demands a divorce will be equally priceless. Oh, future Mrs. Egoatastic, how you do make the tulips blossom with your very touch. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Scandinavia SSAW Magazine

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Edita Vilkeviciute Steamy Sextastic By The Sea

You know I always have mixed feelings about showing off hot photos of my future wife. It feels like it may be improper in some manner, but then I remind myself those are just old-fashioned, insecure, possessive type feelings that I need to overcome if my marriage to Edita Vilkeviciute is going to be successful for the two to three years before same-sex boredom naturally kicks-in and I’m back on DateASupermodel.com looking for my next big romance.

Edita is featured all kinds of black wardrobe barely covered and smoking hot in the new edition of Vogue Australia. I suppose that means this pictorial is supposed to connote something about style and fashion. I’m mostly just feeling tingle in my nether regions, but maybe that just means I inherently respond to fashion tips. Or, Edita’s ridiculously hot body and amazing looks, both wet and dry. It’s a toss up. Edita, call me, we have invitations to pick out. Enjoy.