Edita Vilkeviciute Sexy Bikini Show

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michael-garcia - July 12, 2016

Lithuanian hottie Edita Vilkeviciute does some tasty bikini modeling for Zara. In this spread she wears a series of bikinis each more revealing than the last. There is a red one that is lip smacking good. Edita, of course, is famous for her ample bosom. I don't know what they eat in Lithuania, (actually I don't know much of anything about Lithuania), but I can clearly see that it leads to the growing of seriously sexy boobage. She should really dress in a bikini all the time. It should be a law in her country. They should also put her on their money. Well, first they have to get out of the EU so they can have their own money so they can put her on their currency. 

But lets not forget about Edita's booty. Believe me, I've tried to get it out of my head. I find it distracting when I'm driving a car or walking down the street. 


Photo Credit: Zara