Edita Vilkeviciute White Hot Lingerie

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bill-swift - April 15, 2016

There's nothing like opening up the pages of H&M to see your future Lithuanian wife strutting her body faptastic in little bits of white lacy lingerie. Sharing means caring, but sometimes this seems like too much. I want my bride of tomorrow to be wearing such things just for me on the honeymoon we shall have to Reno, the biggest little city. Really Sparks, but I'll convince her it's Reno. Advantage to the native.

Edita Vilkeviciute is a force of sextastic nature. European sensibilities about showing off her body. American level ambition to rise to the top of her industry. She continues to pick the right wares to pimp in each of her insanely hot shoots. No mediocrity must ever be associated with this fine female form. Mrs. Egotastic. We shall be so happy together until she poses that troublesome question, what do you like about me besides the amazing sex? That one's a killer. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: H&M