Edita Vilkeviciute Red Bikini Booty Cheeks

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bill-swift - May 27, 2016

Nobody works harder than my future wife Edita Vilkeviciute. It's pretty clear she's got my note that I don't intend to keep working or whatever it is I do once we are wed and down to the serious business of baby making. Like the male lion, I will require twenty hours of sleep per day to maintain my readiness for making the sexy in all of my waking hours. Edita will be bringing home the bacon, mostly by way of sextastic photoshoots.

That includes this hot little bikini booty post down for Vogue Paris, the very height of the fashion world, right where I want to be, at least when the girls start changing their outfits for the next setup. Edita is tall and long and beautiful. She has no fear of being the world's most alluring mannequin. Hence, how I know we will be just perfect together. Her in those tiny little hotness revealing bikinis and me slumbering in betwixt sweaty rounds of animal like copulation. I'm ready, Edita. Note that key to the Red Roof Inn I mailed you. Don't bother knocking. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Vogue Paris