Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger Bare-Arse Wonderment and Deborah Ann Woll Making the Passionate Sexy Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Diane Kruger in The Bridge
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We are living in glorious times. While we do have to pay for 500 channels we don’t watch, there are a solid dozen now putting out mature fare for the mature viewers who like mature things. As a for instance, hot women without their clothes on. Everybody seems to be jumping on that bandwagon that started at the dawn of mankind. Or at least since we got our bobos dangling.

This week’s Boob Tube Roundup include Diane Kruger bare bottomed in FX’s second season of The Bridge, Deborah Ann Woll somehow having frenzied passion in True Blood but not quite flashing her udders, Lucy Walters tight nice booty in Power, Alexandra Gordon floating bare boobtastic in Hemlock Grove from Netflix, and Jaime Murray and her slender hot body make-up alien like for Defiance on SyFy. Let’s just file these ladies under the rather extensive list of sextastic celebrities I wouldn’t throw out of bed for really any reason. Such wonderful boob tube times. Enjoy.

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Diane Kruger Bikini Pictures Step Into Our Telescopic Lenses Down Cabo Way

Our palm tree secured photojournalists in Cabo are like a cardboard box propped up by a stick with a carrot beneath to trap rabbits. Only this time, we got a hot bunny. Diane Kruger has always been one of my personal sweethearts, meaning that I think of her sweetly by day while she would likely stab me in the heart if I told her what I think of in the late evenings.

Nevertheless, I’ve taken quite a fondness to checking out her demure, but sextastic visual wonderments through the years, including now this long-distance, but assuredly eye catching bikini candid set of her down Mexico resort way. If nothing else, it reminds me how being the cabana boy for hotties like Diane would be my dream job. The assortment of oils and lotions I would routinely stock would probably earn me cabana boy of the year honors and a peck on the cheek from Diane. Then my life’s work would be complete. Enjoy.

Diane Kruger Seemingly Braless, Most Definitely Flashing Tummy in N.Y.

Consider me one of the biggest closet Diane Kruger fans around. And by closeted I don’t mean that I keep my affections for Diana Kruger some type of secret shame. On the contrary. I actually have  closet shrine dedicated to Diane where I crawl into on occasion, lock the door from the inside, and come out three days later only when I am fully exhausted of my feelings for Diane. I suppose that’s not super normal, but we are all touched by different women in our lives quite differently.

And, oh, how I’d love to reach out and touch Diane Kruger in her little skimpy top she was wearing in The Big Apple over the weekend. Of course it’s rude and beyond good taste to ever play ‘bra inspected’ with a woman wearing a crop top like Diane. But if you’re not imagining it, you’ve got to get your libido motor checked at the shop. Back into the closet for me. Enjoy.

Diane Kruger and Emily Browning Topless and Highlighting the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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Blessed be our friends at Mr. Skin for their social giving by way of finding each and every worthy flesh-baring scene on film and TV for your viewing pleasure. Over this holiday weekend, why not gift yourself some onscreen Easter eggs in the form of some might fine actress funbags.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Diane Kruger and Emily Browning, appearing in The Host in theaters, but quite topless in Troy and Sleeping Beauty, respectively. Also catch a compilation of bared hot bodies in the second season of The Borgias and some very boobtastic revealing invisible man making of the sexy time in classics, Hollow Man 1 and 2, available now on Blu-Ray. Really, a must see, at least thrice. Enjoy.

(Be sure to get your EgoReader special membership to Mr. Skin so you can tell Aunt Mae at Easter brunch just how awesome you are.)

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Diane Kruger Bikini Pictures Can Run But They Can’t Hide

Wow, Diane Kruger, who we love, was down Cabo way sporting a serious bikini, but hiding from cameras as best possible, our poor photographers lined up in the trees across the state, thankfully, we still got some sweet body shots, even if we had to miss her sweet face.

Hey, you take what you can get when it comes to the celebrity sextastic and we will most definitely take telescopic wonderments of the Kruger body. Enjoy.

Diane Kruger in a Cleavy Dress for ‘Farewell My Queen’ Movie Premiere

Diane Kruger Kicks Off Cannes With Red Carpet Hotness

I like Diane Kruger.

She’s the perfect sort of international film starlet that works on any red carpet on any film festival in the world, and just looks all kinds of hot without looking like she’s trying to hard. She seems kind of wild without being high maintenance, intelligent without being too snooty. In short, yes, I’d allow myself to be physically assaulted by her for hours on end.

The Cannes Film Festival is kicking off this week which means a bunch of super self-important snobby types will talk about film as an art form that the masses don’t quite understand, mock all the films we tend to love, and award prizes to films about a man who spends twenty years searching for his lost loafer during some country’s revolutionary era. And that’s all well and good and important I’m sure, but far more important are the super sextastic celebrities who will soon be lighting up the red carpets across the city in the coming days. And Diane Kruger is a sweet way to kick things off. Enjoy.