Diane Kruger Skin Tight Tank Top In NYC

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michael-garcia - August 10, 2016

Diane Kruger was looking super sexy as usual in a super tight tank top in New York City. I've been in love with Diane and her ta-tas ever since I first saw them in Troy a million years ago. That's not a very good movie, but it does have Diane in a lot of low cut togas. Her tank top was so tight that you could see the exact contours of her luscious lady mounds underneath. Diane's rack could totally have launched a thousand ships like in Troy. She was also sporting a super tight black leather skirt. While I don't consider myself a leather guy, I do appreciate a sexy woman in a leather skirt. It just works. Especially if you've got legs like Diane. She's a teutonic goddess. 

Diane was also in the National Treasure movies. She almost made Nicolas Cage's acting seem realistic. Almost. 


Photo Credit: Splash