Diane Kruger Blonde Veteran Hottie Doing What She Does

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bill-swift - December 5, 2017

Say what you will about questionable fashion, it's what brings out many women in style and show to support German films you've not quite heard of before. That would include Forties and Faptastic hottie Diane Kruger who bared shoulder, games, and a healthy bust-line in support of the European produced "In the Fade". I bet it sounds much cooler and dramatic in German.

Diane does nothing more than model and act for twenty years now providing the petite sextastic blonde femme fatale role for so many works. She speaks multiple languages, let's hope including the ability to interpret my mumbles and moans as I help her undress and unwind after this dress up soiree. 

If I'm not mistaken, Diane is once more single and ready to mingle. It may be time for me to visit the tux rental shop to accompany Diane on her world wind promotional tour. I'm not so good with cufflinks, but I've learned how to store prophylactics in my cummerbund. We're going to need plenty of those, Diane. Your little decked out sparkly numbers and heels are making me feel all kinds of reproductive. Enjoy


Photo Credit: Splash News

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