Demi Moore

Demi Moore Bikini Pictures Domination Down Mexico Way; Go Demi!

Wow, just wow. I could show you all the younger girls Demi Moore was hanging out with over New Year’s in Mexico, including her own daughter Rumer, but none of them came close to stacking up to the sextastic 51-year old thespianic mom in her black bikini, nipple and body proud, strutting around the resort like she owned the place. She might actually own the place.

Word is she was seen fooling around with a much younger man. Good on her. I’m naturally jealous, but with that yoga and otherwise perfected veteran hotness of hers, she deserves all the fun she can find that doesn’t come out of a canister. Wow, damn, and dang again. Just look at Demi. This is quite insanely nice. I so wish I was her next boyfriend mistake. Enjoy.

Demi Moore Flashes Her Panties For a Little Mommy-Is-Back Showtime Fun

Don’t count Demi Moore out of the attention getting game, not just yet. The now 50-year old actress in the process of reconciling with family after a couple or three years of post-divorce sunken behavior is still quite the sweet looking veteran hottie.

She’s disappeared herself off most of the social media and other outlets she was using and abusing during her whip-it pounding days, but she’s not without her resources for capturing our attention. Like an upskirt panties flash getting into her car in Hollywood. We haven’t seen up Demi’s dress in a while, so this was a treat. Just to keep our records updated and such. Enjoy.

Demi Moore Bikini Pictures Continue to Shine at 49, Err, 50

Hard to imagine the sweet barely legal teen girl with big bush we knew so well from late 70′s Euro mags is now all of 50. A few times divorced and addicted to Whip-Its is no match for the blessed genetics Demi Moore inherited which allows her to still look rather amazing at the mid-century mark on a balcony in her bikini in Malibu.

Of course, Demi also puts in some serious workout time to aid her God-given gifts. She’s even making up with her semi-estranged daughter through daily joint yoga workouts. I’m angry at Demi but I doubt she’ll let me get sweaty with her in stretch pants. Still, you know I love the veteran hotties, and ogling Demi in her bikini comes at the right price of free, and without having to workout at all. Enjoy.

I Think I Can See Demi Moore’s Nipples (Can You Too?)

I think this could be the next big game craze across this country. Can you see Demi Moore’s nipples? I think I can. I’m pretty sure I can. Yep, I think I most definitely can.

The veteran actresses and recovering Whip It bandit wore a dress out to an AFI event last night that some might call a bit too sheer, but I call just about downright perfect. Especially for this new game I invented. Are you playing it yet? I bet you are. And I bet you win. We all do. That’s why it’s the best game ever! Enjoy.

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Demi Moore in V Magazine 2008
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Ah, the last Reader Finds before the vernal equinox, always a bit melancholy really. When the hordes of EgoReader contributors beging to shed their winter coats, find all the skin-filled celebrity goodness that has fallen out, and share it with their brethren (and sister-ren) before commencing a good Spring cleaning of the tug vaults.

This week’s Reader Finds includes sweetly hot Jessica Kingham topless in the current Zoo magazine (thank you to EgoReader ‘Phobe’), Britty hottie Natalie Dormer from Vanity Fair a few years back (kudos to ‘Kane’), the vastly underrated Katheryn Winnick from Men’s Health a little while’s back (delivered by ‘Terry P.’), the boobtastic and topless Emma Booth in a cut from Swerve (mighty fine contribution by ‘Zack’), Demi Moore pre-Whip It addiction in V-magazine (loaded onto the wagon by ‘Tina’), what is reported to be an old pose of Alessandra Torresani quite nekkid (not confirmed, but temporary handshake to ‘Hef’), Tawny Kitean classically blood and nekkid in Crystal Heart (shot through the heart of ‘Lars B.’), Ukranian wicked hot topless model Gerra (just plain old goodness from ‘Glen’), Kate Upton in one of her early bra and panties shoots (from the mind of ‘Devon’), a topless trio of Californicators, Addison Timlin, Camille Chen, and Melissa Stephens (via ‘Hoge’ who just had to share his top three), more bodily goodness from Alley Baggett classic nekkid (woe be ‘Willis’), Lucy Collett shooting her own hot self (courtesy of ‘Kevin’), Britney Spears exposed bum cheeks at kids soccer (handpicked by ‘Chris E.’), Playboy Israel’s first cover chick, Natalie Dadon in a hot swimsuit (thank you kindly ‘Al G.’), Selena Gomez camel toeing her Spring Breakers promo pic (we bow down to ‘S. Johnson’), and another submission of full-bodied model Lauren Shaw (mor thanks to ‘James’ who is no doubt ruining his marriage to bring these to us — worth it). Now, that’s a belly-full of hot celebrity jelly. Enjoy.

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Demi Moore 1996 Shoot for Ellen von Unwerth
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While the City of Angels struggles to survive under its second full hour of precipitation, with mothers literally keeping their children indoors today lest the moisture weapons of the cloud gods injure their offspring, we here at Egotastic! have fortified our own office complex to withstand the expected up to 1/2 inch of rain today in order to assemble your weekly Reader Finds. It’s like the Super Bowl, you don’t just cancel it due to weather, I mean, at least not until that happens next year in New York.

This week’s Reader Finds includes classic early 20′s hot photos of Demi Moore from Ellen von Unwerth (thank you EgoReader ‘Davey’), Madonna nekkid at the height of her fame in Steven Meisel candid shots (kudos to ‘Revon’), Stacey Dash smoking hot in King magazine (wowzer ‘Bowzer’), Maggie Q just delicious (contributed by ‘Stenny’), hot topless shots from the 2012 Pirelli calendar photoshoot (excellent behind the scenes from ‘Dennis’), Charlize Theron toples in Head in the Clouds (dropped on our doorstep by ‘Flynn’), Cinthia Fernandez when she was known as Abbey Diaz topless goodness (muchas gracias ‘Diego’), Kelly Brook topless on the beach (thank you ‘Amod’ by way of Katie Price), Katherine Kelly Lang of soap opera fame topless in Skinemax film (we bow down to ‘Zombie’), Marie-Ange Casta topless in Punk (and, you’re welcome from ‘Walter’), and a shoutout to curvy clothes model Lauren Shaw (by way of full-bodied girl loving ‘James’). It’s a heaping double scoop of sextastic. Enjoy.

Demi Moore Bikini Pictures Covered In Mud and Crazy Down Mexico Way

The more I read reports in gossipy girl magazines about how ‘great a place’ Demi Moore is in these days, the more I know she’s still struggling. Those magazines only get access to celebrities when they promise to print sweetheart happy stories, and the publicity machines around those celebrities only give out that access when they’re trying to cover something up, ergo, Demi Moore is in a bit of pickle of some kind these days. And if you weren’t quite sure, you could always check out her mud-covered bikini pictures from down Mexico way, where Demi spent the holidays chanting and meditating and covering herself in wet earth for a primitive ritual perhaps designed to cleanse the body of Whip-It gas or similar.

Nevertheless, we still root hard for Demi, and how can you not for a veteran hottie who still looks better in a bikini than any of the much younger girl in her mud bath circle. Sometimes, hotness is all a woman has to cling to as she slips closer and closer into shopping cart lady status. But hotness is always better than nothing. Enjoy.