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Doing Her Thing

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Bump No More

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Three’s a Party

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Weekend Links

Vanessa Hudgens with clothes on, still pretty damn hot. (JustJared)

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Demi Moore Is Braless and Damn Glad to Meet You

Okay, so she doesn’t look so damn glad to meet you. Demi Moore has apparently been hiding from public view and photographers lately, some kind of blemish on her face or mud-pack gone wrong over the weekend or something, but in either case — thanks to our timely photographic friends at X17online — I am not looking at her face. Not when her headlights are set to high beam and bearing down on me like a pair of super-powered halogens pole-strapped to an Alaskan crab boat. Demi, we lust you for your veteran MILF status and a hard body that continues well into it’s 40′s. But, seriously, somebody is going to lose an eye with those nipple pokes. Enjoy.

Demi Moore Bikini Pictures Prove She’s Still the MILF to Beat

Candid Demi Moore bikini pictures from the Caribbean vacation. Candid. No way to primp. No special lights. No airbrushing. And, well, MILFtastic. Look at that sweet butt and hard body on the 48-year old Demi Moore. Okay, some help from Dr. 90210, but, still, that is some serious natural, perennial talent. Makes me wonder if she can’t pull herself an even better cougar-cub than Captain Chuckles. Enjoy.

Photo credit: INF Photo