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Hide Your Whip-Its! Demi Moore Back Out Partying Again

Well, I guess recovery is over. Fifty-year old Demi Moore (still looking great, by the way), was out partying late night in Miami, including an extended make-out session with her new 20-something piece of mamma-needs-meat and some dancing and hanging with Lenny Kravitz. Quite a night.

Now, we hardly begrudge fifty-year old women out hitting the clubs, in fact, it remains our very best chance to get some action on a Saturday night, but it hasn’t even been twelve-months since the 911 calls and the hospitalization. So, you know, lambada, yes, but please keep the Dairy Whip away from Demi. Enjoy.

Demi Moore: 911 Tapes Released (Jeesh, Smoking Something Too)

Check out the full story of Demi’s 911 call and reports on exactly what she was smoking on TMZ.

Demi Moore Demise Linked to Whip-Its (Really?)

Speaking as a former teen who once got busted by a Safeway store manager with a mouth full of whipped cream, I’ll hold my judgement on this latest update to the Demi Moore saga.

But, suffice it to say, we did not expect this to be one of the substances being abused.

Read the latest on the Demi Moore ‘Whip-It’ overdose on TMZ.

Demi Moore Now and Then: A Look Back at Young, Hot, Robust, Nekkid Bodied Demi 30-Years Ago in Penthouse Pictorial

Click to see Demi Uncensored

We’ve visited other variations of this same pictorial before from Demi Moore and her quite early, late teen modeling days, in the bright start of her career in the early 80′s when she was an up and coming glamourous nude model cutting her teeth in European publications and still yet a few years away from movie stardom in the U.S.

With news yesterday of Demi Moore entering rehab, and various and sundry related ailments from simply not eating enough, we couldn’t help but harken back to a time when a hot, sexy, and, yes, quite bush-beavered young Demi was ripe and full-bodied and downright beautiful. It’s not true for every celebrity, of course, but, for many, fame and fortune do carry a fairly heavy price, as seen in the thirty years since these photos to Demi of today.

We love, lust, and long for our veteran hotties here at Egotastic!, so much so that we want them to stick around for as long as possible, and eat a sandwich every now and then so we can ogle their wise older hot woman wares. Enjoy (the classic Demi).

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Rooney Mara Does Paris and Other Fine Things to Ogle

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Demi Moore Officially Divorcing Ashton Kutcher: Where Did It All Go Wrong?

They seemed like such a perfect couple. It was just six years ago that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were freshly married, showing off their shiny new Kabbalah bracelets, and laughing off the cougar jokes. Aww, shucks, those cheating hearts. Well, we did call this breakup six weeks ago, so, no surprises there. Demi, call me if you need a shoulder or other body parts to cry on.

Check out the full story on Demi dumping Ashton on our gossip partner site at

Demi Moore Makes Her Post-Cheating Scandal Debut; Hot But Skinny in Scarlet for ‘Margin Call’

It’s not easy being the Cougar. Not when your Cub is out there knocking boots around town every time you head out of town for work. But Demi Moore made her grand re-debut since the latest Ashton Kutcher cheating scandal for the premiere of her movie Margin Call in New York and, in the Hollywood cliche of ‘I’m not wounded by my man’ wore an eye catching bit of flaming red finery intended to send the message that she is still a rich hottie veteran sextastic survivor, not a victim. And, I’d be inclined to believe her (and definitely inclined to have rebound sex with her) were it not for the fact that she’s clearly gotten skinny on us long time Demi fans who’ve come to worship her 40-something hot mom body these past few years. That isn’t a great sign for Cougar Town in Hottieville. Enjoy.

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