Demi Moore And Daughters In Bikinis

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bill-swift - June 24, 2015

I believe that would be Tallulah Willis and Scout Willis, but the real star of this social media bikini family share has to be Demi Moore. Hotness always starts and finishes with the good looking, indescribably veteran abiding allure of the mom. And this MILFtastic creature has it going on bikini style. Sorry, girls, mom is most definitely stealing your boyfriends.

Now, my doctor of the mind has encouraged me to stay away from all prurient thoughts of mom and daughters engaging in family fun time with yours truly as the ringmaster director. But it's ever so hard seeing Demi Moore in the pool and her girls showing off their tops and bottoms like they're assisting mom in her exhibitionist sales efforts. Consider me hooked. How do I get an invite to the pool party? Are you three sisters? What? No way you're their mom. Quit foooling me. Yes, I know I'm a charmer. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram