Danica McKellar

Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Kelly Rowland and More Hotties at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards

The Billboard Music Awards was a veritable bevy of hotness. Nicki Minaj and her giant ta-tas were on full display. She has got to be in the top 5 most gargantuan melons on Earth right now. My hometown girl Kelly Rowland was wearing what is essentially a sports bra. I remember seeing Kelly and her girls back in Houston in the 90′s. Those sweater puppies helped me through puberty. My girl Jennifer Lopez was also on hand wearing a sheer see through skirt and a tiny pair of short shorts. J-Lo’s legs are friggin dynamite. That is what arroz con pollo does, god bless it. Kylie and Kendall Jenner were also there looking hot as F. Kylie had a top that was basically a glorified bikini top. One of my childhood crushes, Danica Mckeller, attended as well. She brings back memories of me sitting and staring lustfully at The Wonder Years.

One of the main reasons I want to become famous is so I can go to events like this. Besides the beach, the red carpet is the best place to ogle celebs.

Danica McKellar and Her Booty in Tight Shorts Are Back at DWTS

I must admit, I have not actively been following the results of this season’s Dancing With the Stars competition. As you know, so long as any legitimate sport continues to be broadcast on any cable channel, I’ve vowed never to watch that show. But there are always a couple or three hotties worth following each season, including Danica McKellar and her Winnie Cooperlicious booty revival in hot pants during practice sessions for the show these past couple of months.

You may have heard that Danica cracked a rib during one of her dances recently. Apparently, this has sent the Vegas oddsmakers into a tizzy. Or at least a lot of bored housewives. From staring at her tight little Spandex clad thumper for the past thirty minutes, I’m going to declare her rib to be fully heeled and Danica good to go back into the leaping, stretching, and deep bending particulars. The show must go on. As must that bottom! Enjoy.

Danica McKellar Booty in Tight Shorts Is Winnie-Ful

I’m just about out of Wonder Years puns, but I’m only beginning to respect the tight little thumper on the bottoside of Danica McKellar. I think it’s fair to say the all grown up former child actress is rather proud of her rear, and rightfully so.

I can’t bring myself to watch a ballroom dancing show on television, but I also can’t bring myself to remove my stare from Danica’s Lycra covered booty. If it was called Hot Girls Dancing in Tight Shorts, I’d probably watch and not stop watching. I’m a simple man. Almost dullard simple. Good show, Danica! Enjoy.

Danica McKellar in Tight Short Shorts For Your Winnie Cooper Throwback Fantasies

Someday I suppose scientists with the worst job in the world will calculate the number of boys that became men thinking of Danica McKellar and her cutesy girlfriend character on The Wonder Years. I’m guessing the number will be staggering.

So, for a little Throwback Thursday action, why not see the now almost 40-something Danica heading into her DWTS practice in a tiny pair of gym shorts. I’m not saying Danica has the curves of most of the ladies we feature on here. Still, a former child actress star who is still alive and kicking and doing well and can carry off a tight pair of shorts for a dancing competition, that is a thing alright. Enjoy.

Is Avril Lavigne About to Make Out With Winnie Cooper?

Oh, yes, yes she is. God bless music videos, in all their tawdry banality, for presenting us with some of the most epic moments through the decades. The music may be questionable, but the blatant use of sexuality to sell songs, that’s what Mozart would be doing if he were alive today.

Check out screencaps of Avril Lavigne and Danica McKellar making out in the new ‘Rock and Roll’ video from Avril over on WWTDD.com

Danica McKellar Flashes Her Booty on Set of Avril Lavigne Music Video

I can’t say I’m tuned in to many Avril Lavigne songs these days. I still lust for the little minx, but the days of pretending I actually liked her music came and went with the girlfriend I had who made me say I did. Still, she makes some pretty lusty music videos at times, including her latest which seems to be including the booty of Danica McKellar who was spotted on the set.

For those of you who’ve lusted for Danica since her Wonder Years days, well, I’m afraid you’re going to be bound to watch this music video when it’s done. But I think we call can take a quick delightful sneak peek at Danica’s backside, which just has to be the high point of this musically creative endeavor. Enjoy.

Heidi Klum and Bar Refaeli Play Grab-Ass at Hottie Filled Elton John Oscar Viewing Party

Well, if it wasn’t considered one of the more sensational Academy Award parties before, then certainly the annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Viewing Party is now officially on the Egotastic! map, thanks to supermodels Heidi Klum and Bar Refaeli getting a bit frisky with each other at the party. In fact, the newly single Heidi Klum looked to be having herself one heck of a  good time, though mostly with the other ladies, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Throw in an ever hot Brooklyn Decker, all grow’d up Winnie Cooper, Danica McKellar, blue-haired newly divorced Katy Perry, a pregnant hot Alessandra Ambrosio, and, yes, even Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian, and, well, you have an Elton John party just packed with major league boobtastic. Enjoy.