It’s Britney in a Bikini Bitch

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Echo Lawrence - January 3, 2020

Britney Spears Bikini Yoga

Britney Spears’s body is BANGING dude!

I saw some video of her saying she does 20 laps every morning and is getting up to 60 per day, if this is what swimming 20 laps everyday does than I am starting swimming lessons tomorrow. She’s also 38 years old and has lived off cheetos and cigarette for the last 25 years and still looks great without the facetune and photoshop that the other girls are using.

Britney’s been through a lot I'm sure being a mind controlled pawn of the industry is hard on the body, plus she had those two kids with that idiot Kevin Federline, shaved her head/had a total mental breakdown and got put on an indefinite 51/50 hold that started the whole conservatorship thing by her dad, which is still going on.

Here’s Britney looking tight, tanned and just plain sexy in her little bikini and sneakers, spreading positivity and love for the new year while thanking Mother Nature. She also mentioned she’s being doing 100 meter yard dashes. Britney is back. Bitch.

Happy New Year Britney Spears.

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