Danica McKellar Flashes Her Booty on Set of Avril Lavigne Music Video

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bill-swift - July 27, 2013

I can't say I'm tuned in to many Avril Lavigne songs these days. I still lust for the little minx, but the days of pretending I actually liked her music came and went with the girlfriend I had who made me say I did. Still, she makes some pretty lusty music videos at times, including her latest which seems to be including the booty of Danica McKellar who was spotted on the set.

For those of you who've lusted for Danica since her Wonder Years days, well, I'm afraid you're going to be bound to watch this music video when it's done. But I think we call can take a quick delightful sneak peek at Danica's backside, which just has to be the high point of this musically creative endeavor. Enjoy.