Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning Braless Steals the Sextastic Show at Nylon Young Hollywood Party

Nylon Magazine is among those outlets that hosts a Young Hollywood party every year to celebrate the working youth hotties of Hollywood. Young Hollywood is actually early 20′s Hollywood when hosted by Nylon, as opposed to your teen starlets and Disney machine up and comers. But one thing was clear at the red carpet decked out event, Dakota Fanning stole the show. Certainly Olivia Culpo and Victoria Justice and Jennette McCurdy did themselves right showoff proper, but blonde and cleavy natural hottie Dakota Fanning absolutely owned it. I don’t even know what that means, but it happened.

Dakota and her rising star sister might be the hippiest of chicks in Hollywood, but when they get to turning on the afterburners of allure, man, they really do strike a serious pose. I’m not even sure they know what to do after the pose, it doesn’t matter. Just blonde bits of genetically blessed Nordic princesses. Who also can act up a storm. Good on you, Dakota. Young Hollywood seems to be in good hands. Not quite as good as my hands, but I’ll let my imagination take me where it will. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

Dakota Fanning Does Noir For VS Magazine, I Nearly Die for Dakota

Here’s something you don’t see everybody but when you do see it, you’re reminded how you secretly wished for it for what seems like forever. Dakota Fanning in an all grow’d up photoshoot, all kinds of noir and made up and dangerous in a motel room looking kind of grow’d up. Oh, happy days and dark nights.

Dakota Fanning isn’t a kid anymore, but she’s maintained something of an artistically clean rep during her transition into Egotastic-hood. She has so much stored sextastic, I wonder if sometime it might just blow. She needs these little minor quakes to prevent the entire shizzbang from blowing. I’d recommend more and more, and naughtier and naughtier of these kinds of shoots for here. She really is a stunner. When more clothes start coming off, well, let’s just say I’d invest heavily in emollients and lubricant manufacturing firms. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: VS Magazine

Dakota Fanning In A Blue See-Through Dress Ace Awards Gala

Dakota Fanning was all grown up in a see-through net dress at the 18th annual Ace Awards Gala in New York City. The blue dress was basically made of the same stuff as basketball hoop netting. So, you could clearly see the bra and panties she had on underneath. All I can say is that Dakota has matured into one serious hottie. She’s got a nice pair of what I call pert and perkies. Her ta-tas are just the right size for her frame but are far from mosquito bites. She’s also got a serious caboose that you could clearly see the shape of through the netting.

I’m glad that she’s of an age now where I don’t have to feel bad about thinking she’s hot. That’s the magic of time. There is always a new set of girls that come of age.

Dakota Fanning In A Red Hot Dress At The World Premiere Of “Effie Gray” In London

The lovely Dakota Fanning was looking seriously hot in a slinky red dress at the London premiere of “Effie Gray”. The dress was short, red, and had some sexy flapper fringe on the bottom. I was all like, “23 skiddoo” but in my pants, if you get my meaning. The dress showed off her awesome legs. They are creamy white and oh so smooth. Your girlfriend/wife doesn’t have legs like that. That only happens in Hollywood. The dress also had a plunging neckline and presented her lovely perky love sacks for all the photogs at the event. I remember thinking when she was a little kid that one day she would grow up to be ridiculously hot. It can go either way, you know. Not all pretty kids grow up to be hot adults. But she certainly did.

I think maybe I’m a hottness prophet.

Kate Upton and Kendall Jenner Make the Media Fashion Awards in N.Y.C.

In case your electronic buzzer wasn’t going off, do be aware that we are currently experiencing Fashion Week in New York. They seem to happen all the time, but this one in early September is clearly the biggest of the year in the Big Apple. Everybody who’s anybody in the world of fashion, or what I like to call, expensive clothes, is in town this week for all the parties, fashion shows, and naturally, the good drugs.

The Week kicked off with the Media Fashion Awards, one of the many pseudo awards shows planned for the week as an excuse to find a corporate sponsor position. I could care less how fake it was when hotties Kate Upton, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Dakota Fanning walked through the front door with invitations. That makes it a party right there. Or an award show. Had I been invited, I would’ve have worn my ascot and talked about the wonderful new looks this year that kind of look like the wonderful new looks of a couple years ago. I can fake it for the love of the sextastic. Enjoy.

Dakota Fanning Butt Gate, It Was All Just a Dream

So, it turns out that the Dakota Fanning white pale booty as seen in Very Good Girls that I was replicating in marble in my living room was completely CGI phony. First, damn you technology, damn you straight to hell! Second, c’mon Dakota Fanning. I want to want you, but that is some weak sauce. A digitally re-composed butt? I’m sure your dumper is plenty fine, I know it is, even if not perfect. It’s one thing when you sort of let everybody talk about how you’re nekkid in the movie for the first time, then it turns out you’re really just talking about from behind and your cheeks, then it turns out those cheeks are virtual fill-ins. Honestly, I don’t know what to believe in any more. I suppose this is both the blessing and the curse of the modern digital age. I’m trying to sound reasonable, but I am most definitely seething on the inside. I might need to punch some ice cream.

Here’s a shot of Dakota’s deep cleavage from the same film. I assume they are real. I mean, I hope so. This is what happens when the innocence ends.

(Sort of thanks to the many of you who forwarded this Dakota Fanning fake butt confession piece from earlier this year.)

Dakota Fanning Bare Asstastic and Elizabeth Olsen Covered Topless, It’s Time for Very Good Girls

Thanks to a bunch of you who wrote in, including ‘Bill’ and ‘CJay’ for the inevitable good news bad news situation with the film, Very Good Girls. Good news, hotties Dakota Fanning flashing her bare butt and a bunch of bra and panties scenes; bad news, she’s not showing off her front side at all in the film as was teased by the film’s publicists and distributors. So, what’s new really in Hollywood. Let’s call it the Jennifer Aniston effect.

Still, I will never look a gift horse of cutie hottie Elizabeth Olsen and the pale wonder that is Dakota Fanning showing off some skin in any movie. It’s a thing. It’s not the best thing, but it’s still a thing. I really do try to turn lemons into lemonade. If I could do so while seeing Dakota Fanning’s bare boobtastic, that would be much better tasting lemonade. Enjoy.