Dakota Fanning Swimsuit Tease!

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Tex Hollywood - April 29, 2020

Dakota Fanning brought the bathing suit to her instagram story for all her fans and now for all of you, because I am going to assume that not all of you are fans of her. Jerks!

What's not to like, I mean she's a young and successful talent that has been in the entertainment since she was a little kid. She has been in countless roles in countless hit movies. She's a star by any definition of a star, but then again, I find myself overly supportive when looking at a bathing suit pic of the girl I am talking about. No matter how old I get, a simple bathing suit is enough for me to champion a woman, to be her hero and to celebrate her even if she's a bit of a weirdo thanks to the whole having her childhood robbed from her in exchange for this entertainment industry life!

The point of this post is - Bathing Suits and how easily they manipulate us!

  • grafikman says:

    OMG, she has freckles?? My estimation of her just jumped a few notches!

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