Sextastic Swimsuit Model Claudia Romani Shows Argentina Some World Cup Love

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elliot-wolf - June 29, 2018

I have to be honest, when I hear someone say football my first thought is still the good ol’ grid iron. But that’s changing because there are some some extra saucy ladies that are into soccer. Claudia Romani is hotter than the hottest bottle of hot sauce I own and I sure would love to slather her over my next sandwich. They don’t get any more appetizing than her. I know she’s not edible but I get the same feeling looking at her as I do when looking at some ribs on the grill. She’s enticing and has my mouth drooling to say the least.

I’ve been following the World Cup as much as my cable provider permits. I can never find it in English but that hasn’t stopped me from watching as I’ve grown fond of watching the games in Spanish. You don’t really need a translation of the commentary when they’re kicking a ball around and hot women like Claudia are scattered throughout the crowd. I’d even say I’ve learned a few phrases to tell Romani when I finally run into her. I believe te amo y su eres mi corazon should be enough to win her over. I can yell GOOOOAL after she agrees to a date because that has always been one of my goals in life. Just being in the presence of a trophy like Claudia has to feel like winning the World Cup.

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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA