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Cameron Diaz Booty and Jessica Brown Findlay Bare Boobtastic Highlight the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)


I don't know about where you live, but where I park my car slash mobile bungalow, it's damn hot this week. Sweltering hot. When it's time for air conditioned relief, my mind always turns to house siting for one of my friends with a big screen TV to catch up on movie recommendations from the good and horny folks at Mr. Skin. They know what's nekkid onscreen and they're not afraid to tell you.

This week's Mr. Skin Minute includes Cameron Diaz nipple slips in Gangs of New York and Vanilla Sky, as well as her panties-clad booty shots in Sex Tape, Olivia Williams flashing right boob in Sabotage now on Blu-Ray, and Jessica Brown Findlay of Downton Abbey fame flashing her perfectly ripe udders in the mini-series Labyrinth currently out on Blue-Ray.

Absolutely positively certainly do not neglect yourself, get a Mr. Skin membership discounted for EgoReaders. The Mr. Skin service is pure joy packed into digital format.

Cameron Diaz Bikini Top and Rumpside Poolside in Miami

Outside of her film roles, we don't often see Cameron Diaz in her bikini just hanging around, this despite being such a workout fanatic and keeper of one quite nice and natural 40-year old veteran hot body. Cameron claims to have shot a scene nekkid for her upcoming film Sex Tape, but I think we all have memories sharp enough to know these types of modern day boasts never seem to come to fruition on screen (or they do, but in CGI form only).

Cameron was in Miami hanging by the pool in her two piece and we just had to share. She really does keep her bikini body in rather tip top shape. Considering it's been twenty years now officially since she first gave boners to the world in The Mask, it's really quite a remarkable journey for Cameron along the sextastic trail. She's tallied up quite a career, and by the looks of her pert top and tight bottom, I'd say it's showing no signs of slowing down. Cameron, bless you and your bikini, long may you reign, in public settings, where we can peek. Enjoy.

Cameron Diaz Sextastic and Slightly Moist in Esquire

Cameron Diaz is pimping her new movie Sex Tape. And while her promotions include telling everybody she shot a scene nekkid for the movie, don't expect that to pan out into flesh exhibitions in the cut you see onscreen. We've been burned too many times by A-list actresses to believe in that hype any longer. Still, promotion for a Sex Tape movie of course has to include a few showy pictorials, including this sultry posing in Esquire magazine where Cameron Diaz confirms her spot on my Forty and Faptastic list of veteran hotties. She works hard to keep herself in shape, including lots of making of the sexy time to keep the hormones in balance. That and yoghurt I believe are the real key to lasting beauty.

Cameron, you still lift my boat high in the water. You've been doing it for twenty years now. You deserve some special attention and I intended to give it to you for at least the next seven to twelve minutes as I gaze upon your still sweet female form. You might feel a little sting. Enjoy.

Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, and Nicki Minaj Cleavetastic for The Other Woman Premiere

I can't help but feel like The Other Woman has been coming out in theaters for about ten years now. Maybe just because we've been tracking this film and it's boobtastic cast for so long now during production. But it's finally here. Which means red carpet. Which means big cleavage shows for a chick flick about affairs and fooling around and revenge and other things women love that I don't quite understand. But I do totally get Cameron Diaz in a low cut dress, who along with Kate Upton being her bosomy self and a surprise chesty appearance from the funbags of Nicki Minaj, made for one ripe melon filled red carpet in Los Angeles.

Now, whether or not your woman makes you go to see this movie, that's between you and your conscious. Yes, I know, Kate Upton and Cameron Diaz and bikinis and yadda yadda. We've seen all the photos. Do as you must, my wayward son. Just, please, don't explain yourself after the fact. It's in the details where we lose our souls. Enjoy.

Cameron Diaz Sweating Out the Bad Before Bikini Photoshoot in St. Barts

Much in the same manner I like to workout once a month before my hot date, or, you know, taking a girl to Arby's and telling her she can order anything off the menu, Cameron Diaz took in one last sweaty filled workout before her Vogue modeling session in St. Bart's. You certainly want to make sure your booty and body are looking just model perfect before you unleash them to the millions of Vogue readers who expect perfection.

Sure, you'll get some help after the fact from the post-production folks at the magazine, but Cameron Diaz wants to give them her best to work with. So a tight top and some shorts and some serious workout before putting on the bikinis and various other more fancy beach outfits that will encourage women to buy something from the store. This isn't Cameron's first modeling rodeo. She knows what she's doing. And we know how to watch her doing what she does. We're like a well-oiled machine. Enjoy.

Cameron Diaz Nearly Spills Out of Her Top on a Faraway Yacht, I Take This as a Good Omen

Oh, it's blurry alright. Cameron Diaz was way way out in the waters off the coast of St. Bart's where no cameras could possibly see her changing in between her shoots for Vogue magazine. Oh, but they forgot a little something called telescopic lens technology and raw desire, that overcomes a few nautical miles distance. At least, to capture the pixelated essence of Cameron in between wardrobe changes. We didn't quite get the full view we were looking for, just the precipice.

Still, this strikes me as a good omen for the coming week that we might capture the model blonde out in the middle of the Caribbean almost coming out of her robe. Pure luck. The kind of luck we don't just give thanks to, we sacrifice the full suovetaurilia to be sure the godd continue to bless us with the fortune of strong visuals. Yes, I'm sensing good week indeed. Cameron's hooters were desperately trying to back me up on this. Enjoy.

New Trailer for Ridley Scott’s ‘The Counselor’ Ask a Very Important Question (VIDEO)

"Have you been bad?"

When Penelope Cruz asks you 'Have you been bad?' You. Say. Yes.

That's really the only major insight I have about the new trailer from Ridley Scott and Cormac McCarthy's upcoming joint The Counselor.  It looks seven to ten kinds of ridiculously badass and they should just take my dollars now.

Sure, it's OK to be skeptical about the guy who made Kingdom of Heaven making a movie by the guy who wrote The Crossing. That's fine. I can see that.

But, let's look at it this way: the guy who made Gladiator and Alien  has brought to life a story from the twisted mind of the guy who wrote No Country for Old Men. Sure, there are no aliens (wait, are there aliens?) super powers or comic book deep cuts, there's just Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz going head to head (hopefully). And probably a warped villain of some kind who will chill the insides of our very souls.

That's all we need from our movies, right?