Happy 420 From Your Favorite Stoner Hotties (Miley, Jen, Paris, Megan…)

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bill-swift - April 21, 2016

You might think Hollywood is some rampant hot bed of pot smoking, but given the numbers from around the country and the general population, it's hard to imagine it's not merely a reflection of the weed use in the general population. Especially when you consider entertainers often have long breaks in between work, plenty of money to afford to do so, and about a half dozen people around them who can hook them up with the righteous bud in five minutes or less.

On this 4/20, April 20th, the day to celebrate all things faded and baked, we honor Irie by looking at a dozen or so of the more notorious puffers and all-around beautiful looking partakers of the kind bud. There may be no experience greater in life than smoking a fatty with a hottie. Cough to get off. Enjoy. 

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