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READER FINDS: Young and Younger Melanie Griffith Topless, Brooklyn Decker Cleavage, Miranda Kerr Bikini Magic, and Much Much More…

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This is the largest Reader Finds gallery ever attempted. I’m not sure why everybody got so particularly generous this week, the Irish ones aren’t even quite drunk yet for St. Paddy’s Day. Let’s just call it a tidal wave of benevolence in regard to crazy hot sextastic skin. The best kind of natural disaster really. Every time I’ve tried to push the envelope on this new platform of ours, it’s broke. But I’m not going to stop trying. Billionaire Barbie didn’t get an STD on her first co-ed mixer. You have to keep trying until you get it right.

This week’s Reader Finds includes (credits coming soonish!). Enjoy.

Heidi Klum, Brooklyn Decker, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba Highlight the Hotness in US Weekly Hot Body Issues 2014

US Weekly may not be a periodical for the male of the species, or the thoughtful, but any magazine outlet that is putting together photos of sextastic celebrities for a collection of Hot Hollywood bodies is definitely worth perusing. Let’s see here, Brooklyn Decker, Heidi Klum, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Lea Michele, Sofia Vergara. Check check check, this sounds like the list I made for my imaginary pool party this summer.

While US weekly sort of compiled some existing photos of each of these crazy hot famous lady folk, I would certainly volunteer to update their hot body photos with some shots of my own taking with my fingers forming a square and me making a click sound as I tell the girls to make love to the camera, literally. I suppose this is why I lost my photographers license at the last hearing. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Brooklyn Decker Topless Hot, Karlie Kloss Topless, Lindsay Lohan Fresh Upskirt Lip Slip, and Much Much More…

Brooklyn Decker Topless 2011 Photoshoot by Mark Squires
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Well, hello there Friday. Only the best day of the week, like a good friend who comes with a cold six pack of beer and a pizza and says, hey, buddy, should I invite some supermodels over to share the grub with us? Yes, that describes my favorite day of the week when I get to open up the reader email bag and see what revealing goodies Santa’s helpers have cobbled together to pass out to all the boys and girls. You never disappoint me, so it’s my privilege each week to share with you the weekly Reader Finds.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Brooklyn Decker in not one, but dos wicked hot photoshoot classics (thank you to EgoReader ‘Ben’), Penelope Cruz and her epic funbags topless on screen (muchas gracias para ta-ta’s to ‘Evan B.’), Laura Keller quite chesty exposed on film (kudos to ‘S.P.’ for this find), a new enhanced look at Katie Holmes memorable topless moment (‘Peter’ also digs Katie’s puppies), Karlie Kloss model topless in Muse magazine (Windy City born goodies by way of ‘Owen’), Michelle Johnson ta-ta throwback from Blame It On Rio (oh, man, such wonderful thespianic yams via ‘Sessions’), Lindsay Lohan little bit of black panties lip slip upskirt (I think this is fairly recent lippage from ‘Andrew B.’), Odette Annable formerly Yustman in sweet covered topless photos (whoa hotnesss delivered by ‘Tom C.’), Joanna Krupa and Marta Krupa bikini hot for Ralph magazine (sisterly lovelies from ‘Stan’), Jacinda Barrett beautiful bodacious and topless (nice natties from ‘Nancy’), Greta Scacchi topless in 80′s cinema (lovely Greta handed over by ‘Garces’), Arielle Dombasle with some memorable mammaries (there’s nothing wrong with hot girls with perfect yams, thanks ‘Derek G.’), Kristin Scott Thomas showing off her Scott and Thomas (full frontal memories via ‘Michael’), Kate Upton cleavy for Skullcandy (yummy Kate donated by ‘Sweetz’), more Penelope Cruz sweet teat treats (I can’t get enough of P.C, thanks ‘Len A.’), Carla Gugino in her fiery Esquire shoot (underrated hotness sent in by ‘Thomas’), a young Demi Moore modeling quite hotly (love the young throwbacks from ‘Gwen’), Clemence Poesy topless on the silver screen (French styled chestal goodness via ‘Limon’), Debbie St. Pierre sweet sextastic modeling shots (lovely find from ‘Francis’), Jennifer Lopez bikini shot from Pirelli and a look at J-Lo cameltoe (double down reveals transmitted by ‘Mike T.’), a redux of Lady Gaga nekkid in V Magazine (lady up and down chucked into our yard by ‘Stone’), and Sophie Howard inimitably topless hotness poolside (faptastic udders discovered by ‘Les’).

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Brooklyn Decker Legs Are Back in a Big Long Sextastic Way

Brooklyn Decker really has fallen off the face of the sextastic earth the past couple of years. She’s gone cold turkey on modeling work and sextastic bikini vacations and even just being barely dressed in the streets. Off the grid really. But now she’s back, even if momentarily, flashing her statuesque and most compelling gams beneath a high hemline in the streets of Manhattan. I fell in lust all over again.

It’s something about those girls of your day dreams that even after being gone so long, the minute you see them again all is forgiven and the blood instinctively begins flowing again to the same old nether regions. To have those legs wrapped around… oh, sorry, I forgot you were here and started to wander. Enjoy.

Adriana Lima, Bar Refaeli, Paris Hilton, Alessandra Ambrosio, Brooklyn Decker Hit the Leather and Laces Party in N.Y.

I love a party just filled with super hotties. You can almost count on me being there. Not invited, mind you, but peeking in through the little hole I drill with my handy late night TV infomercial multi-tasker tool and perfect bacon maker. And the Leather and Laces party was the place to be Super Bowl weekend, amid the thousands of parties that went on in the Big Apple to celebrate the big game.

There were so many good looking women showing up to this party that the valets almost forgot to steal the quarters out of the cup holders in their cars. Bar Refaeli, Paris Hilton, Adriana Lima, Brooklyn Decker, Alessandra Ambrosio, that’s quite a bevy of beauties all dressed up for the most righteous cause of all — looking wicked hot. The Super Bowl might’ve been a clunker of a competitive game, but the Leather and Laces party scored many virtual points. Enjoy.

Brooklyn Decker Lingerie and Swimsuit Boobtastic for a Tingly Pick Me Up

I can’t say I’m sure if these photos of Brooklyn Decker in lingerie and swimsuit and flashing all kinds of bodily heat are brand new or not in Pick Up magazine. I can tell you they are making me feel like a very new man here this morning.

It’s been ever so long since we’ve seen the statuesque under-things model supreme baring any kinds of body. This only serves as a reminder of why Brooklyn was pretty much in every non-comatose man’s Top 10 list but a couple years ago. Where have you gone Brooklyn Decker? Wherever it is, I hope this nice pop of your fine female form is a harbinger of your full return. We need you now more than ever. I need you. That has to mean something, at least a decent restraining order or such. Enjoy.

Brooklyn Decker Sheer Bra and Panties En Fuego for GQ Spain

Brooklyn Decker is one of those supreme hotties that it really doesn’t matter what she wears in her photoshoots, she looks so effin’ amazing. Having said that, sweaty sheer bra and panties doesn’t hurt.

The world class swimsuit and lingerie model and not such a horrible actress actually looks all kinds of smoking hot in her sheer little bits of undies in this month’s GQ Spain. I’m sure these photos are not 100% brand new, but I’m also sure they are 100% must-sees for anybody who happens to love uber-sextastic statuesque blondes with ridiculously hot bodies stretching and contorting themselves for your viewing pleasure. Do you happen to fall into that category? Yeah, I thought so. Enjoy.

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