Brooklyn Decker Bikini Pictures for Your Sunbathing Boobtacular!

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bill-swift - April 10, 2012

Easter brought so many gifts this year, even forgetting for the moment the eighty-seven Cadbury eggs I plowed through this weekend, or the fact that I dominated the Our Lady of Satriani 12 And Under Easter Egg Hunt this year with a combination of tracking skills and sheer physical domination, but it was a time filled with blessings of the celebrity sextastic. Let's just keep it rolling I say...

Down Under is the place to be of late, and if you weren't sure, just check out our very latest ridiculously hot find in the Southern Hemisphere, and it's a doozy. Brooklyn Decker bikini pictures, the statuesque blonde swimsuit goddess, who we rarely if ever actually get to see candid in a swimsuit, soaking up the rays of Mother Sun at her Sydney hotel. Oh, my.

Those bikini-adjusted chest puppies on Brooklyn could be barely contained as she maneuvered her top to keep the tan lines from forming, a job I would have gladly done for her had not my cabana boy license been revoked in all the major industrialized nations. Just so damn hot! Enjoy.