Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne Flashes Legs On the Birthday Party Red Carpet

Well, Taylor Spreitler certainly had a different 21st birthday party than I did. I only vaguely remember a bottle of Jager and something moving in tassels, Taylor had a red carpet Hollywood blowout complete with invited starlet guests including Bella Thorne who as the toast of young Tinsel Town arrived in a black cocktail dress showing off the legs that will eventually become a bigger and bigger part of her acting repertoire. She is definitely a red carpet camera thief.

I can’t go back and relive my big growing up birthdays, but if I could, I’d probably want to invite more girls like Bella Thorne to my shindigs and less girls like my friends cousins who got tricked into showing up. Such is the life of celebrity. You definitely get better looking girls at your party. Bella Thorne, you are coming along quite nicely. Enjoy.

Bella Thorne Leggy in 360 Magazine October 2014

Bella Thorne Steals the Show with Ginger on Orange at Disney Premiere

It seems like they’re having a premiere for this Alexander and the Horrible Something Or Other movie in every city across the country where children might live. There’ve been a number of them for sure. But none so big perhaps as the final L.A. premiere where the film’s teen starlet, Bella Thorne, arrived in an orange gown that caught the attention of camera snappers up and down the red carpet.

The ginger haired teen beauty has seen her star rocket shoot straight into the stratosphere of late, feeding off Hollywood’s insatiable need for a cute teen girl who can act half-decent and not threaten parents. You know, like Miley, when she was still in contain mode. Bella Thorne definitely knows how to work the publicity section of the paparazzi department. Everybody is taking her photo. She seems to be delighting in her spotlight. Enjoy.

Bella Thorne, Heidi Klum, Bar Refaeli the Height of Hotness at amFAR Gala in Milan

With any big Fashion Week comes the ballyhooed and star-studded amFAR fundraising gala for AIDS. it is a must stop for every big name in thespianics and modeling who happens to be in town for the big week’s events. Milan is a major stop for the fashionistas, a big building block in the Emperor’s New Clothes industry . If you’re good looking, it’s pretty much a must visit in mid September after New York and London. I know what you’re thinking. Why wasn’t I there then. Well, there’s a little thing called NFL Sunday Ticket that keeps me America-bound during the late Summer and Fall.

Super sextastic lovelies attending the amFAR party included Bar Refaeli, Alessandra Ambrosio, Heidi Klum, Bella Thorne, and many more. If you happened to be a model looking dude yourself, or if your Lambo is just your weekend cruising vehicle, you probably could do very well for yourself at this party, albeit they do expect a nice six figure donation for attending. Worth it to hobnob with the hotites. I mean, I hope they do take personal checks drawn from mysterious sounding institutions like the Bank of Bill. I need to get to this party! Enjoy.

Bella Thorne Bikinis, Adrianne Curry Booty, Selena Gomez Bikini Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Don’t think Celebrity Funbag Hacker Gate has done one single iota of damage to the constant, increasingly large flow of self-published selfies hotness emanating from our finest exhibitionist celebrities. If anything, it’s only increased the competition by way of pointing out that everybody and their mother, literally, are taking sexy photos of themselves if they’ve got the goods to flaunt. Even the good girls are being bad on camera, even if they don’t share on social media like most do these days.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Adrianne Curry flashing her bare booty in a thong, Selena Gomez bikini vacation fun time photos, Bella Thorne teen bikini showoff, Nina Agdal bikini biking hottie, Aubrey O’Day laying on her large yams, Ashley Tisdale white bikini hotness, Ariana Grande schoolgirl selfie, Beyonce perhaps slightly shopped bikini candids, and much much more. You owe it to the right thinkers who opened up the very first Dunkin Donuts in Los Angeles to check out each and every one of these sizzling hot social media candids. So much self-shared goodness. Enjoy.

Bella Thorne Sitting On Miley Cyrus Lap At The Jeremy Scott Fashion Show

Bella Thorne took some time off from her busy schedule of being sexy to get our dirty little minds going by sitting on Miley Cyrus’ lap at the Jeremy Scott fashion show in New York City. It is a testament to how hot Bella is that she could get our juices flowing in the weird outfit she had on. It looked like a monster out of a 90′s Nickelodeon cartoon was printed on her shirt and skirt. But it showed off her perfectly toned bare mid-riff and gorgeous long legs. I don’t really care what your outfit has on it as long as it shows a decent amount of skin. She ran into America’s favorite long-tongued wrecking ball rider and decided to sit on her lap. You don’t mean for your mind to start picturing scenarios in which these two lovelies go at each other, say in a sorority house after a pillow fight, but the mind does what the mind wants to do, doesn’t it?

What I do know is that I need to start going to more fashion shows. All my photographer friends have spent all week photographing models at New York Fashion Week shows. Why did I do my concentration on writing and not photography in school?

Bella Thorne Cleavy Green Dress Stuns at Fashion Week Event

Bella Thorne wanted to make an impression at the silly Fashion Rocks event evening affair at The Barclay Center. So while Justin Bieber was on stage making an ass out of himself, Bella was on the red carpet in a revealing green dress that put paparazzi and age-gaters into something of a tizzy.

Depending on who you believe, her parents I suppose sort of semi-reliable, Bella is just a simple teen girl with aspirations of cuddling with puppies and eating carmel corn at the stare fair. Though according to her lifestyle, Bella is a completely independent world traveling TV and film starlet with a boyfriend and a penchant for wild adventures. Either way, people are going to notice when you wear low cut tops to the biggest celebrity event on the planet last night. So, notice away if you like. Don’t notice if you care not to. But whatever you do, don’t ignore Bella Thorne, she is a force to be reckoned with. Enjoy.