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TwitPic RoundUp: Adrianne Curry Arm Bra! Bella Thorne And Selena Gomez Bikinis!!

This week there are some seriously tasty dishes in our Twitpic RoundUp. The hot ladies of the world spent their time Instagraming and Tweeting lots of scantily clad pics. Maybe it’s a sign that Spring has sprung. We start with seriously sexy Adrianne Curry completely naked and using her arm as a strategically placed bra. Adrianne has one of the best racks I’ve ever seen and it’s my job to look at boobs. Next we have ginger beauty Bella Thorne in a tiny pink bikini. Bella Thorne makes me think some very bad thoughts. There is also Selena Gomez who is, wait for it, in a bikini. I’m starting to believe that Selena only wears bikinis. Seriously, it’s like every day. Not that there is anything wrong with that. You can also see Olivia Wilde‘s thong, Kendall Jenner sticking her hand down her sister Kylie‘s pants, and Maitland Ward wearing only body paint. Joy!

Jessica Lowndes also shows off her bikini body while floating in a pool. And of course, we can’t forget Charlotte McKinney demurely covering her ginormous boobage with her hands. Seriously, this gallery goes on and on with seriously sexy pics.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Bella Thorne’s Bare Midriff And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Bella Thorne‘s beautiful belly is out for your viewing pleasure. (Hollywood Tuna)

Gwyenth Paltrow in a bikini with her ex-husband Mr. Coldplay. (TMZ)

Rachel Hilbert is topless in classy black and white. (WWTDD)

Kristin Cavallari bikini beach awesomeness. (Huffington Post)

Amy Adams shows off her crotch at the beach. (Drunken Stepfather)

Nicole Scherzinger is braless and busty. (Popoholic)

Maitland Ward forgot to wear pants. (The Superficial)

Bella Thorne Bright Bare Midriff Ginger Show in Manhattan

Not to be outdone by her teen counterparts in the business, Bella Thorne braved the quite cold N.Y.C. environs to hit The View with a bare midriff bright colored show off outfit that caught the attention of Manhattan for ups to six city blocks. It’s quite the sacrifice by Bella; I hope she knows how much we appreciate the public performance. As for The View, you know I couldn’t bring myself to watch that bickering drivel.

Bella has really come into her own these past several months, already precocious and working from an early age, not to mention dating and jetting around the world with boys, currently Pam Anderson’s kid who she’s dating. But in terms of her public persona craft, this ginger has definitely figured out how the game works. Today’s game is ogling the starlet and girl in about ten different movies at the moment. I believe Bella has won this round. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Bella Thorne Wears A Bra Top With Jacket While In NYC

Sexy young actress Bella Thorne was spotted rocking a bra top while hanging out in NYC. I wish I had known she was hanging out in the city yesterday without a shirt on so I could have beheld this lovely sight. Her mighty cleav was in full display. She’s got a perfect pair of ta-tas for her size. If Goldilocks were a lesbian rather than a porridge thief, Bella’s boobs would be the ones she would pick because they are just right. I think this is a good look for a formal night out that more hot ladies should adopt, fancy bra and jacket. Who needs a shirt? That’s so 20th century. Get with the times, gramps!

Bella is so hot that she makes me think very bad thoughts. She’s young, but she’ll be legal soon. I looked it up.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Bella Thorne Bikini Pictures Beach Fun Time With Friends

I like to think of myself a a good friend of Bella Thorne. Apparently, not good enough to be invited to her fun time beach parties with the girls in their bikinis along the beach. I imagine this was probably some kind of shoot that involved somebody paying money, but in my mind, a beach blanket bingo bikini get together featuring the ginger teen starlet and her BFFs. Another wienie roast without… well, you know where that joke was headed.

Bella Thorne has been getting all grow’d up for so long now I can’t even remember how long. She’s reportedly now dating Pamela Anderson’s older son and she’s booked in about ten feature films and just as many TV shows and commercials. The world is her oyster. If she keeps taking candids of herself in bikinis, it will quickly turn to pearls. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Bella Thorne Strutting in Leather, She’s Got That Grow’d Up Ginger Lust Crush Thing

Bella bella. The ginger topped teen slash emancipated world traveling movie starlet Bella Thorne is kicking up the ogle worthy skills by several notches in bare midriff, leather bottom looks just strutting about Hollywood like the star that she now is. Talk about coming into your own, Bella Thorne has risen quickly from the Disney ranks to become a nearly all grow’d up TV and film full time working thespianic and all-around perfect casting for the hot high school girl. Which she seems to be now in most every single movie. Oh, how I always loved those despicable popular girls and cheerleaders.

It’s hard to say at this point where Bella’s career track will take her and where it might peak. It’s safe to say it’s clearly now on the rise and I can only hope to say when she hits barely legal later this year it takes another noteworthy uptick thanks to some more racy reveals. We shall keep our fingers crossed and our candles lit. Somebody needs to wish for the important stuff. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Bella Thorne Greets Fans In A Tank Top While Heading To “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Hot ginger star Bella Thorne greeted her fans in a low cut tank top while on her way to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Her ladies were pert and perky as she shook hands and took selfies with people. I’m sure more than one of them took a high angle shot to try and look down her shirt. And who can blame them? Bella has a really nice rack of perfectly shaped mounds of lady flesh. I don’t know what lucky SOB gets to manhandle those badboys but they are one lucky bastard. I sometimes lay awake at night dreaming of Bella’s fellas bouncing in front of my face. It relaxes me. We all have our ways of getting to sleep. Some people count sheep, I follow the bouncing Bellas.

I do have a thing for redheads. I like their passion and fiery spirit. That can also be a bad thing. One redhead I dated tried to run me over with a car. True story.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI/Splash