Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne Is a Full Time Working Starlet

I don't know exactly how teen labor laws work, but redheaded Disney machine beauty Bella Thorne has long since left the pretense of school or normal kid life in her rear view mirror, working full time in TV and now starring in the new Disney film, Alexander, which you can't help but see blocking traffic and filming in a million and one locations around Los Angeles.

In fact, last week I walked into a local pharmacy, to get some, err, powder, and the entire shop had been taken over by this film's production. I assume Bella wasn't there, since I searched every single nook and cranny of that store for her until security threw me out, but such is the pitfalls of being a man of great curiosity and passion. Bella Thorne is growing into quite the beauty. This won't be her last film. Enjoy.

Bella Thorne And Her Sister Make a Big Impression at New York Fashion Week

Yep, the celerity girls of all ages were making themselves well seen at New York Fashion Week over the weekend, including the Disney promoted starlet Bella Thorne, who showed up in an unmissable red along with her older sister who I believe was her predecessor on the TV circuit from her stage parent family.

Fashion Week is the place to show up and look grown up, a perfect opportunity for the teen Bella to hang out with A-list celebrity twice her age and act sophisticated. Not that she's not already well past her years in her lifestyle and career and relationships, but now she can add fashion diva to her resume of growing up super fast on the celebrity circuit. Enjoy.

Bella Thorne Goes Coasting at Six Flags

I try to imagine what I would have done if I were a teenager who didn't have to go to school or work a regular job or things like that. I'm imagining lots of impressively high scores on video games. Bella Thorne is kind of doing the same thing. Only she's hitting amusement parks, Six Flags in George her latest destination over the weekend.

Even though Bella's show is coming to an end on Disney (aww, I know, let it out), the Mouse House has big plans in store for this ginger topped teen. But that's not stopping Bella from taking time to smell the roses, or go on insane roller coasters, or other things you get to do when people ask you what day you go back to school and you get to giggle to yourself. Enjoy.

Bella Thorne Bikini Pictures Hot Pink for Paparazzi Captures

Well the Thorne-Disney machine must be cranking overtime, with their starlet hopes pinned hard on Bella Thorne, the teen thespianic is now making public sightings in her bikini, a bright one at that, ensuring the snaps of the paparazzi cameras and some big time Bella Thorne placement in all the news outlets.

If there was any doubt who Disney was looking to be their starlet of the next few years, that doubt is pretty much over. With her TV show and two new movies on the way, Bella Thorne is pimping big time. She's going to be everywhere. Ginger power activate. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Bella Thorne Highlight the Radio Disney Music Awards

I know you're dying to know who won the big prizes at the Radio Disney Music Awards. Sadly, I have no clue. But I'm sure it's some truly talented musical artists. What I did note was the return of some former Disney starlets, and the rise of the next gen starlets, gracing the red carpet of the young persons aged award show.

While I'm still digesting rumors that Selena Gomez returned to the arms of Justin Bieber, I can not deny my unyielding affection for her Latina confections, evidenced again on the red carpet. Along with Ariana Grande, Bella Thorne, and Denise Richards who showed up like the hot mom who arrives at the party only to make it better, it was quite a show. Though not the musical aspect, which we didn't even dare to absorb. Enjoy.

J-Woww’s Boobs Try to Save MTV Movie Awards

I actually had fun a couple years back now at the MTV Movie Awards with our friend Tila Tequila. The show had already dropped to unwatchable standards at that point, but it was at least fun. Now, everybody who appeared at the show looked like they had been kidnapped and forced to dress up and smile and talk about how much they love so-and-so from some craptastic MTV reality show (assuming so-and-so is still alive, or not in jail).

J-Woww brought her puppies out to play, and they tried to save the evening from the ensuing debacle, but even they along with the hottie likes of Emma Watson, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande could not save the ev evening. The ultimate dilemma for Egotastic! is a sextastic hot teacher stripping off her clothes whilst scratching her nails down a chalkboard. MTV is now way too much chalkboard. Enjoy.

Bella Thorne Disney Starlet Baller

We did cut out pictures of her boyfriend from this set, as is our custom. But the Disney machine continuing their effort to put Bella Thorne everywhere in a specially tailored outfit, pushed the starlet out onto the basketball courts of L.A. for some dribbling, shooting, and snapping of the paparazzi cameras alerted to her whereabouts.

It's not that we don't want our ingenues to have their lovable play time, it's just that Bella traded hers in long ago for the ride she's now on with agents and managers and press relations representatives and marketing executives and stage mom and actor boyfriend and wardrobe assistants and makeup artists and everything that goes into the entourage of the rising star that is Bella Thorne. These things do not happen by accident. Bella has been chosen by Disney. And the ride is already well underway.