Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne Flashing Her Bra in a Tight Dress in Hollywood

Bella Thorne sure is growing up fast. I mean, she's probably far more grown up already than the Disney machine is letting on, but when she's out and about on her own or traveling to hotels with her boyfriend, we get a glimpse inside the world of a girl who is far beyond her years. Not that she can do topless modeling like her older sister yet, but she is certainly feeling her own journey into womanhood with more and more revealing public peeks, including a tight dress for a walk to her recording studio in L.A.

I can't imagine the music she's going to be auto-tuning in that place, but I can imagine that a teen starlet who has already eschewed school and the other frivolities that burden her peers is well on her way to soon showing much more than just her bra and her figure. Though we'll have to wait a while to find out. Enjoy.

Jenna Dewan, Bella Thorne, Maria Menounos, Emmy Rossum, Keke Palmer Lead the Hotness at the Women in Television Celebration

I'm down for celebrating women anywhere. Why not the ladies of television who provide us so many wonderful views on a daily or weekly basis. Do you realize how hard it was for our cavemen ancestors to see tons of smoking hot half-dressed women? They had to ascend mountains and traverse valleys and face imminent danger just to maybe see one. We get to hit the remote and flip through a bevy of beauties from the comfort of our couch and beer holders. Silly cavemen.

A strong gaggle of sextastic ladies attended the Women in Television Celebration, highlighted by the cleavy hotness of Jenna Dewan, Bella Thorne, Maria Menounos, Emmy Awesomeand a wonderful leggy show from Keke Palmer. I certainly felt the power of sisterhood. I mean, I think that's what I'm feeling, I can never be too precise when it  comes to tingles and shivers. There might be a little brotherhood involved here as well. Enjoy.

Bella Thorne Bikini Pictures Behind the Scenes of Her Candie’s Shoot

Okay, it wasn't just a bikini photoshoot, but let's not beat around the bush, the first ever real pimping bikini photos of Disney starlet Bella Thorne proved to be rather audience inducing last week, so this week let's take a look behind the scenes of her Candie's clothing line shoot which did definitely include her first official bikini modeling gig from what we can tell.

Bella's future is what you might call, rather bright. She seems to be working and shooting pretty much full time these days, here over the weekend outside a Hollywood photo studio taking a break from her now full-time occupation. Where she heads in her career once she's old enough to be managing her own moves is anybody's guess, but I am sure you can guess what I'm hoping for. Enjoy.

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Bella Thorne Bikini Flirty Pictures for Candie’s And Kohl’s

Bella bella bella. Our little Disney starlet Bella Thorne is moving into a new category of promotional pimping with her new bikini catalog spread for Candie's flirty clothes for young women. Despite the fact Bella seems to be a fully engaged career woman traveling the country with her boyfriend in tow, Disney is still yearning to pretend this teenager isn't going on thirty and keep her under the wraps that Miley Cyrus broke free from about the same age, shortening the Hannah Montana phenomenon by millions of dollars worth.

Well, Bella is starting to break out, just a tad, with ever more grown up looks and photoshoots and red carpet dazzlers that indicate a starlet who knows the paps love to take her picture. Who knows if Bella will ultimately go the way of showy Miley, or more conservative like Victoria Justice. Though you can probably guess what we're rooting for here. Enjoy.

Bella and Dani Thorne Model for Sherri Hill

I'm not exactly sure how many of these Thorne sisters there are descended upon Hollywood, but this Sherri Hill label photoshoot involved Bella Thorne, and her sister, Dani Thorne, not to be confused with Kaili Thorne who we saw nekkid last week. No, this is a bit less risque as the Thorne sisters go. But, keep in mind, Sherri Hill was the stepping stone the Jenner sisters used to progress into far more grown up bikini and revealing clothing line shoots. So, if you're a prognosticator, keep that in the back of your mind.

Bella Thorne is the go-to Disney starlet of the moment. Her other sisters can certainly grab a coattail and make a little coin as well. All is well in the land of teen modeling. Fear not, I stand guard, 24x7 like the Night's Watch.

Bella Thorne Stretching Every Ginger Muscle on the Beach

Bella Thorne needs to step up her game even in her own family I guess after her older sister Kaili Thorne started taking topless photos on the beach. Bella's still a Disney starlet, so like Miley back in the day, she has to pretend she's still a babe in the woods. But that doesn't mean she can't call the photographers when it's time for a stretch in Spandex on the beach. A little public workout for her fans to spy the future queen of the TV and film, a fast rising star who will soon be entrenched in boyfriend scandals, gossip, and, eventually, daring photoshoots and movie roles.

The future is bright for Bella Thorne. She seems to be getting herself ready with the bending and preening. Enjoy.

Bella Thorne All Grow’d Up Ginger for Bello Magazine

The change it had to come, we knew it all along. Bella Thorne couldn't stay the pretend Disney ingenue forever. And, by forever, I mean throughout the rest of her middling teen years or however old she really is. The cute young ginger who is taking the kids TV and movie scene by storm, is now starting to do fashionable grown up photoshoots in the likes of Bello magazine, where she shows her future is far greater than canned laughter Disney shows.

Bella Thorne is the real deal. Finger biting and everything if you check out this full pictorial, a task for which I highly encourage you. Goodbye little Bella, hello big Bella. It's time. Enjoy.