Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne Long Legs for Seventeen Magazine Cover Pimping Duties

With great popularity comes great responsibility. Bella Thorne not only has about five movies coming out it seems, she's also the current cover girl for Seventeen magazine. I must admit, I canceled my subscription to Seventeen nearly a couple years ago now, so I'm not currently up on all the makeup, prom, and dating tips the magazine provides scores of young women who need such advice. But not like I'm going to miss out on Bella's big cover edition, for which she has been making many stops around the country to co-promote, including a leggy show she put on in Union Square in the Big Apple.

Bella's high school years remind me of my own teen experience, minus the attention, the adoration, the travel, the money, the notoriety, and the hotel room stays with a significant other. Though neither of us were truly natural redheads, so there's that. Not that I'm jealous. I'm content just to wait and watch Bella claim her ultimate destiny one day as we have with her fellow former TV starlets. Enjoy.

Bella Thorne Short Skirt and Bare Midriff Taking Manhattan By Starlet Storm

There's no doubt that Bella Thorne has been given a new theme in her current promotional campaign for the movie Blended. It's no longer happy-go-lucky young teen actress. It's now maturing starlet who all the boys would be fighting over to take to the prom, if Bella were available. And, she's not. But there'd still be fights. I don't remember many girls back in those days looking quite like Bella Thorne.

The redheaded ingenue took her turn on Good Morning America and other New York morning media outlets to pimp her movie and show off herself in a rather high hemline exhibiting her rather noteworthy starlet legs. Not to mention a bare midriff top that would've got most girls in the school I went to sent to the principal's office for some kind of tongue lashing. But on Egotastic, you don't get a tongue lashing for dressing like... wait, yes, you still get a tongue lashing. Though less figuratively speaking. Enjoy.

Bella Thorne and Sister Dani Thorne Get Cheeky Hot on the Red Carpet for ‘Blended’

The chances of me seeing the new Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore movie is somewhat in the percentage ballpark of me suddenly dunking in my next pickup basketball game, with the only difference that I still dream about dunking. Ah, Sandler. That being said, the film does serve as one of the many new breakout points for breakout teen starlet hottie Bella Thorne, who showed up to the L.A. premiere with her older sister Dani Thorne, the two getting quite cute and cheeky on the red carpet.

We occasionally see Dani Thorne in her more risque photoshoots on this site now that she's of a slightly older age, while we now see Bella Thorne here all the time increasingly grown up in her wardrobe and appearance. It's becoming quite a thing. The two stole the red carpet. Go Thorne girls, I bet you've got even more in your toolbox than what you're showing. Enjoy.

Bella Thorne Bikini Pictures Candid Pink Madness in Miami

If I told you I had thirty-seven righteous candid beach fun time bikini pictures of Disney starlet Bella Thorne, you probably wouldn't believe me. I don't quite believe me either. But, there they are, in pink and what you might call cute as a button. We've seen Bella Thorne bikini pictures before, sort of, but never quite like this most certainly.

I was going to mention that Bella seems to be grooving right past the standard Disney starlet trajectory, but thinking about, she is just about on par with Miley and Selena in terms of the bikinis with the boyfriend on the beach prancing visuals. It's almost like clockwork. If you were highly compelled to check out thirty-seven pictures of clocks. I have none of those, just Bella being bellisima in a pink bikini in 360-degrees of splash. Enjoy.

Bella Thorne Beautiful Beach Girl for Seventeen

Bella Thorne certainly is blowing up. And growing up. Her age still seemingly undetermined, sort of like a Dominican baseball player, but her looks growing in the right direction daily, even as she lives her adult styled life of TV and movies and grown up boyfriends and traveling and modeling and the like. She's still the ingenue we first pegged to take over the Miley Cyrus spot at Disney. She's just moving a little faster than anyone could've possibly expected toward maturity.

Take for instance her new cover beach spread in Seventeen magazine. Bella has the confidence of an experienced model and girl of the world. She's beachy, and it's meant for the clothes buying girl crowd, but this is another step on the rung for Bella toward what is certainly going to be more adult styled posing ala her two older sisters who get quite exhibitionist in their visual proceedings. Bella, you've got time, as do we. We're delighting in the process. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Steals the Show, Bella Thorne Makes Fans Feel Lucky at Wango Tango

Well, talk about your assemblage of the pop music cream cheese, it was all happening over the weekend at the KIIS FM Wango Tango concert here in Southern California where a morass of mediocre pop music talent gathered together to please tens of thousand of screaming teens and their equally screaming moms. Thankfully, along with the over produced pop tracks come the hotties, none of which could really stand up to Ariana Grande who stole the show this weekend by sheer force of sextastic. Ariana Grande and her increasingly revealing outfits, powerful legs, and slinky costumes is going to steal every show she's in. The kind of larceny I can get behind.

Joining Ariana, and slightly less pleased looking, though naturally quite ginger alluring was Bella Thorne, who seemed to get stuck with the job of doing the fan photos meet and greet. She looked like she's rather be shaking her tooter in front of twenty thousand screamers. But she got the photo couch. Not that she didn't make the most of it, but she did smolder a bit like second fiddle won't be her station in life for long. I do so love a good competition. Enjoy.

Bella Thorne All Grow’d Up and Sassy for Bullett

Bella Thorne is really starting to feel her oats, which is I think the female version of sewing your oats, though I could be wrong. She's featured all kinds of sassy and starting to get Jenner-like grown up in Bullett magazine, displaying some of her more 'it' girl qualities that will ultimately put her in the Miley and Selena categories of successful Disney graduates at some time in the near future.

The Thorne family have been trying through multiple offspring iterations to hit it big in Hollywood. Based on not only her blossoming film and TV career, but her blossoming before the cameras in increasingly sophisticated looks, I'd have to say they finally made their mark with Bella. Good for them, and for us. Enjoy.