Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne Greets Fans In A Tank Top While Heading To “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Hot ginger star Bella Thorne greeted her fans in a low cut tank top while on her way to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Her ladies were pert and perky as she shook hands and took selfies with people. I’m sure more than one of them took a high angle shot to try and look down her shirt. And who can blame them? Bella has a really nice rack of perfectly shaped mounds of lady flesh. I don’t know what lucky SOB gets to manhandle those badboys but they are one lucky bastard. I sometimes lay awake at night dreaming of Bella’s fellas bouncing in front of my face. It relaxes me. We all have our ways of getting to sleep. Some people count sheep, I follow the bouncing Bellas.

I do have a thing for redheads. I like their passion and fiery spirit. That can also be a bad thing. One redhead I dated tried to run me over with a car. True story.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI/Splash

Bella Thorne Gets Cheeky At “The Duff” Premiere In LA

Sassy redhead Bella Thorne was looking sexy in pink at the premiere of “The Duff”. She was wearing a SHORT pair of shorts that only came up to her hoo-ha. This allowed us a full view of her lovely legs. You wanted thigh gap, well you got it, my friends. The top of the outfit was a crop top which left us with an eyeful of her toned bare-midriff. I do like me a redhead, even though a lot of them are kinda nuts. But then that’s part of the charm. They also tend to be rather fiery in the sack which is really part of the charm. Next to blonds, redheads are where it’s at. At least that’s my humble opinion. I bet Bella knows her way around a man’s bathing suit area.

I might see this “The Duff” movie now that I know that Bella is in it. I mean, probably not at the theaters but in the privacy of my own home. That way I can give her my undivided attention.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/INF/Splash

Bella Thorne Ginger Teen Hotness in Cosmo

Well, hello there, Bella Thorne in Cosmo. Technically, behind the scenes for this ginger teen starlet’s Cosmo shoot. Nothing too racy, not quite there yet. But the way her career and her profile is jetting skyward, you can count on more mature themed shoots just as soon as the Disney bonds are cast asunder. It’s a formula we’ve come to count on here at Egotastic. It keeps me riding the exercise bike so I can live to see it.

Bella’s got all the tools to be a very popular young woman. Cosmo knows it. The slightly more feminist leaning Egotastic knows it. There’s a certain flutter she produces that I can’t possibly in any intimate detail until she turns eighteen on paper this October. Her real age always being somewhat in question, but we go by the book. Or, in this case, the magazine, with lovely hot photos of Bella. That means beautiful in Italian. I have Google translate. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan

Bella Thorne Bikini, Kylie Jenner Cleavy, Sarah Hyland Bikini Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Oh, what a post holiday week for the self publishing of sextastic celebrity selfies and friend shot candids. Whatever time these lovely ladies aren’t spending on Christmas shopping personally, they are making up for with bikini shots, down tops, cleavy goodness, and asstastic show off pieces that are absolutely so much better than sweaters and new socks. Though I do love sucks, I don’t necessarily want to spent a weekend locked in a remote mountainous cabin with them playing survival through body friction.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Bella Thorne in bikini and cleavy top, Jen Selter flashing her world class mighty thumper, Kylie Jenner sharing her chesty gifts, Emily Ratajkowski topless from behind, Arianny Celeste wicked hot and down her top, Sarah Hyland bikini goodness, and so much much more. You owe it to the ghost of Christmas fruitcakes past to personal ogle each and every one of these smoking hot social media candids. Santa’s still making his list. You’d better check these twice. Enjoy.

Bella Thorne Works Her Ginger Magics In Red Band Society Clip

I’m pretty sure that Red Band Society show on Fox is meant for a demographic not consisting of men who try to save money by eating happy hour food for dinner. I’m also quite sure this is the second time today I’ve posted pictures of Bella Thorne. But what am I to do? This Disney starlet turned multi-media ingenue is simply everywhere these days. And she’s not exactly hard to look at.

Bella plays a role in the show’s most recent episode where we start to see a glimpse of talents future. I can’t speak their name (Funions), but I can certainly see how like Kendall, Miley, and others before her, she’s slowly moving artistically forward into more grown up roles. And good for her. And us. And the Keepers of the Sextastic Time Space Continuum. Everybody’s a winner when roses blossom. Enjoy.

Bella Thorne And Jennifer Aniston Are White Hot Hotties at Horrible Bosses 2 Premiere

Sexy duo Jennifer Aniston and Bella Thorne were looking particularly boobtastic at the premiere of Horrible Bosses 2. Bella wore a pant suit thing with a super plunging neckline and, whoops, she forgot to wear a bra. The result is some cleav for the ages, my friends. Bella has some nice pert and perkies that I very much enjoy looking at. The rear was also missing from the top so you could marvel at her perfect back, (an underrated part of the female anatomy). Jennifer was also cleavtacular in her low cut dress. I’ve been a big fan of Jennifer Aniston’s knockers ever since the early 90′s when she was on Friends. Let’s face it, those hooters and that famous hair cut launched her career. She’s also friggin’ sexy as hell in the last Horrible Bosses movie.

Not that I condone that type of sexual harassment behavior. But if I were Charlie Day I totally would have drilled that dentist.

Bella Thorne Thong Bikini Disney Starlet Booty Show Might Just Break the Internet

I hate myself for that breaking the Internet nonsense. Only the FCC can actually break the Internet. Not even a nekkid Kim Kardashian can match that intrusively destructive might. Though fast rising TV and film starlet Bella Thorne might take a crack with her first ever thong bikini pictures from her vacation on the beach in Miami. Bella is another one of these grow’d up super fast Hollywood ingenues who have forgone the tedium of high school for fame and fortune. Oh, that I could have made that trade myself. I would have settled for just fortune really, fame is vastly overrated.

Bella Thorne isn’t one of those obvious exhibitionists like her predecessor Miley Cyrus, even at the same age. Though she is a rather mature young woman who travels the world with boyfriend and not any parental supervision for some time now. When I was seventeen I was caring for myself too and would’ve punched anybody in the face who told me I was just a kid. Well, maybe kicked them in the shins, seeing as how I’m partially a pacifist. Bella Thorne is mightily in control of her own destiny. If thong bikinis and flashing her bare derriere on the beach is part of her plan, I am 100% behind her. I mean, I will literally be spending lots of time behind her. Enjoy.