Barbara Palvin

Barbara Palvin a Sextastic Vision in Satin

Barbara Palvin remains my ever favorite sextastic lady named Barbara. This Hungarian supermodel has stormed the visual battlements of the modeling world in the past two years to raise her profile and lower the amount of clothes she wears just down to the bare essentials. In this case, a little bit of shiny satin from Twin Set lingerie and their Spring 2014 line.

I can easily imagine coming home to find Barbara in her boudoir wear in my own bedroom. I’d play hard to get, maybe pretend I wasn’t going Vesuvius on the inside as I asked her how her day of modeling underwear had gone. I am a gentleman after all. From small conversation we would inevitably move on to long sweaty several minutes of impassioned love making. Mostly impassioned on my part. Barbara might continue doing her nails. I don’t need my interactive experiences to be super interactive. I’m good with an occasional polite request to know if I’m done yet. Barbara, let’s get to the magic. You bring your underwear. I’ll being the noise-dampening wall panels and the cell phone signal jammer. Let’s make a weekend of it. Enjoy.

Barbara Palvin Crazy Lingerie Hot for Victoria’s Secret

While Victoria’s Secret suffered a big blow with the loss of Miranda Kerr earlier this year from their roster, they’ve not suffered in the searching for the next big lingerie thing department. Wicked hot Hungarian women like Barbara Palvin can certainly help you get over your last breakup. In her new shoot for V.S. for their October catalog, Barbara shows not only why she’s quite possibly the hottest woman in the world with her same first name, but also some of the innate bodily talents we saw from Miranda over the years during her angelic turn.

Yes, there’s no such thing as replacing Miranda Kerr. But, yes, there is such a thing as the short-attention span of most men (and our Sapphic leaning ladies) that allows us to say, ‘Yes, Barbara, I’m over my tears, now let’s make sweet love in a vat of sticky honey.’ This is how we abide. Enjoy.

Barbara Palvin Lingerie One Pieces for One Million Happy Tingles

I still contend that Barbara Palvin is the hottest Barbara in the celebrity world today, and I say that even before Barbara Palvin removes her clothes down to her little lady lingerie for her latest Victoria’s Secret shoot. Once you start throwing in the baby dolls, Barbara sky rockets to sextastic heights among the titans.

She’s crazy good at modeling nightwear. I suspect she’s even better at modeling nightwear on the ground. I sure would like to see. I’m going to write a note to the good people at V.S. right now. I am a platinum purchaser, that has to carry some weight. Enjoy.

Barbara Palvin Silk and Satin Hotness for Victoria’s Secret

It’s almost unfair just how hot model Barbara Palvin is. I’m in the right mind to file some kind of complaint letter to an international body full of stodgy people somewhere in Europe about how, um, constricted, Barbara makes me feel when I gaze upon her supremely sextastic female form.

Just look at her in this new Victoria’s Secret spread and tell me this isn’t some kind of cruel and unusually punishment for the 99.99% of us who will never have the indulgence of removing her bra and panties ourselves. Though I am imagining it this very instant and it is quite heavenly. Maybe I’ll hold off on that letter. Figuring out postage to Europe is always a major pain in the ass anyhow. Enjoy.

Barbara Palvin Simply Just Won’t Stop Looking Hot

The still 19-year old Barbara Palvin is booking up some big time gigs of late, success that has to be directly attributed to the undeniable fact that she’s a great looking young woman. Oh, I’m sure she has a wonderful personality, and she’s a delight to work with, and has all that tremendous rapport, but, let’s be real, she’s stunning. And stunning women just have to be in front of a camera.

As in this pictorial for Glamour magazine in Italy. I know it’s not meant for men but I never miss an opportunity to feast my eyes upon this young hottie. Whether in lingerie, or hopefully less soon, she’s got one of those faces that just says ‘you will never forget me, or have me, for that matter’. Damn that face. Enjoy.

Barbara Palvin Hot Enough to Make Marriage Look Amazing

Yep, there she goes again. ‘She’ being a wicked hot model in virginal whites making even the most sensible of men think to themselves, Man, that marriage thing doesn’t look so bad. While I don’t want to receive nasty letters from our female denizen, let’s just say that I think it’s a decision men should contemplate with some amount of clarity and time.

But how can one contemplate with clarity when Barbara Palvin is fogging the mind with stellar looks and a body that you’d like to carry over the threshold in order to ravage.

Featured in this catalog spread for Rosa Clara, the Hungarian hottie makes everything nuptials related look ridiculously sextastic. Just like it shall be on your wedding evening. So, jump right in my friend, jump right in. Enjoy.

Barbara Palvin Does Not Disappoint in L’Officiel

Bear with me, as this is fashion. But it’s also Barbara Palvin, one of the hottest young women in the world. An often Victoria’s Secret model, occasional trouble maker and jet-setting party goer, but mostly just one ridiculously sextastic Hungarian girlfeatured in the current edition of L’Officiel magazine in Turkey.

Now, in case you don’t have a subscription to L’Officiel, let me tell you, this photo shoot was not conceived for gentleman oglers. But the libidinally limber original leering man can turn anything Barbara Palvin into an excuse to gaze desperately at her hotness. It’s not a bad hobby really. Cheaper than golf. Enjoy.