Barbara Palvin

Barbara Palvin Simply Just Won’t Stop Looking Hot

The still 19-year old Barbara Palvin is booking up some big time gigs of late, success that has to be directly attributed to the undeniable fact that she's a great looking young woman. Oh, I'm sure she has a wonderful personality, and she's a delight to work with, and has all that tremendous rapport, but, let's be real, she's stunning. And stunning women just have to be in front of a camera.

As in this pictorial for Glamour magazine in Italy. I know it's not meant for men but I never miss an opportunity to feast my eyes upon this young hottie. Whether in lingerie, or hopefully less soon, she's got one of those faces that just says 'you will never forget me, or have me, for that matter'. Damn that face. Enjoy.

Barbara Palvin Hot Enough to Make Marriage Look Amazing

Yep, there she goes again. 'She' being a wicked hot model in virginal whites making even the most sensible of men think to themselves, Man, that marriage thing doesn't look so bad. While I don't want to receive nasty letters from our female denizen, let's just say that I think it's a decision men should contemplate with some amount of clarity and time.

But how can one contemplate with clarity when Barbara Palvin is fogging the mind with stellar looks and a body that you'd like to carry over the threshold in order to ravage.

Featured in this catalog spread for Rosa Clara, the Hungarian hottie makes everything nuptials related look ridiculously sextastic. Just like it shall be on your wedding evening. So, jump right in my friend, jump right in. Enjoy.

Barbara Palvin Does Not Disappoint in L’Officiel

Bear with me, as this is fashion. But it's also Barbara Palvin, one of the hottest young women in the world. An often Victoria's Secret model, occasional trouble maker and jet-setting party goer, but mostly just one ridiculously sextastic Hungarian girlfeatured in the current edition of L'Officiel magazine in Turkey.

Now, in case you don't have a subscription to L'Officiel, let me tell you, this photo shoot was not conceived for gentleman oglers. But the libidinally limber original leering man can turn anything Barbara Palvin into an excuse to gaze desperately at her hotness. It's not a bad hobby really. Cheaper than golf. Enjoy.

Barbara Palvin Euro-Sexy Time for Vogue Spain

I know I'm definitely falling in lust with a celebrity hottie when I start thinking their Euro-fashion magazine posts are just out of this world.

Now, Vogue magazine probably isn't what most guys are reading while working out at the gym, but, it is a nice compendium of hotness that often provides some of the most amazing glances of the most amazing women in the world, including Barbara Palvin, the Hungarian young model who has taken Victoria's Secret and the ogling community by storm over the past six months.

Featured in the February edition of 0f Vogue Spain, Barbara is most definitely posed and made up for the ladies, but, damn, she is such a fine looking woman that I had no trouble wading through the scented perfume ads and promotions of $400 scarves to flip through her visual treats. This is a sign of near complete infatuation, and I couldn't be happier. Enjoy.

Barbara Palvin Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Day Fantasy Girl

We've said it a million times before -- Valentine's Day is the single worst day of the year for men. There's really no chance of winning (though we will be providing some tips for you on that front as the day draws nearer) and there's a massive chance of failure and a hopeless night spent on the couch. Men are not good at holidays, men are not good at picking out just the right gift, and men are generally not good with romance. Mash it all together and you have Valentine's Day.

But, oh, what hotness lurks there in yonder ogles? Why, it's Barbara Palvin, wicked hot Victoria's Secret model officially launching the Valentine's Day buying season. Little red hearts. Little silky panties. One killer sextastic body. It's all so incredibly tempting. But, need we remind you of the V.D. prime directive -- do not buy your girl lingerie for Valentine's Day. Pains me to say it, but control your satin dreams and save it for another occasion. It's the single highest risk gift you can buy on the big day. Do not take any chances! Dive, dive, dive. Enjoy.

Barbara Palvin Wicked Silly Hot for Terry Richardson (and a Whole Lot More Babs Palvin)

Despite the potential taint of The Devil's Midget, which I personally choose to ignore for sanity reasons, Barbara Palvin remains our super object d' lust d'jour since bursting onto the Victoria's Secret modeling scene in little bits of silky nothings, as just a barely legal Hungarian Hottie.

Now, naturally, lucky bastard Terry Richardson got Barbara into his studio to take saucy pictures of her and watch her dance around with little clothes on. Most of which he doesn't even show us, but we get enough of Barbara to make it a definite must-see photoshoot.

And, since we are absolutely madly and passionately in bodily desire for Barbara, check out a few more visual wonderments of Barbara from over the weekend:

Ashley Benson Busty, Kendall Jenner White Hot, and Jenette McCurdy Flashing Curves Highlight This Week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Well, there's a last-of-the-year for everything most of this week, including our final Sextastic Twitpic Roundup of 2012, a invention of ours that began earlier this year and has proven to be a very worthy collection of the best and the hottest of sextastic celebrities publishing their own damn pics on the web. Not only does it gives us a chance to see these hotties behind the scenes, candidly in their private lives, it gives us the opportunity to know when they think they look hot, kind of a Inside the Minds of Sweet-Looking Celebrities class.

This week's roundup include Kendall Jenner white hot at Xmas, TV starlet cutie Jenette McCurdy flashing some serious curves, Rihanna flashing her swimsuit body, Rita Ora showing off her bikini body, Barbara Palvin and Stacy Keibler doing just the same, and a whole bunch more candidly shot sextastic celebrity visuals. You owe it to your Great Aunt Margaret who gave you socks once again this Christmas to check out each and every one of these fine photos. Enjoy.