Barbara Palvin

Barbara Palvin Leggy And Cleavy and Stunning at Cannes

Hungarian hot stuff Barbara Palvin took her turn at Cannes this past week to bare her epic fine body and some legs honed by nature and Pilates. She’s just one of the many super fine specimens of sextastic womanhood who made their way through the byways, avenues, and red carpets of Cannes during the many film festival swank events. But the one I intend to make my fourth ex-wife someday, so I figured I’d share some of her more alluring moments from the South of France.

Next year I intend to be in the Cannes area for all the festivities. Depending upon how you interpret my European Union write and Interpol designation, I might have to be a few miles out into international waters, but I’m quite a good swimmer relative to what you might expect. I could do some night time beaching if it meant hanging with the likes of Barbara Palvin, just a step or two behind all the security guards. She exudes passion inducement. I just need to get within her sphere. I shall dwell in her pheromones. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI/FameFlynet

Barbara Palvin Swimsuit Pimping for the Ladies, But Revving Up the Gents

In these pictures clearly meant to sell clothes to the fairer sex, you clearly see the heavenly hot Hungarian V.S. model Barbara Palvin showing exactly why models always have stories of being ‘discovered’. Of course, you can’t discover something that already exists, but you can be the one to make it into something the whole world can appreciate. Girls like Barbara don’t randomly appear on the international scene. Somebody with an eye for sextastic talent identifies her potential. Photographers advance that potential, then people like myself with small couches but large missions take it upon ourselves to make sure the rest of the world gets to meet them. Could you live a happy life without knowing Barbara Palvin? Of course you could. But why would you want to?

In this little swimsuit fashion number for L’Espirit Rive’, Barbara shows why she’s one of those small number of smoking hot women whose looks transcend themes. She’s a page stopper when I’m flipping through my lady’s magazines and catalogs, as I do every Wednesday, and occasionally, Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays, and non-football Sundays. Oh, Barbara, that you could step out from the pages of these photoshoots and whisper naughty things in my ear. That’s the very reason I don’t wear headphones. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Le Bon Marché L’Esprit Rive

Barbara Palvin Sizzles Sextastically in L’Officiel Paris Magazine, Oh, Yeah, I Get That

Hungarian hottie Barbara Palvin dressed up in various semi-sensual costumes for a French magazine? Yep, I’ll take a side order of that with some ketchup. Barbara Palvin continues to be the hottest women I’ve ever known named Barbara, with such title becoming even more pronounced with this randomly sextastic pictorial in the current edition of L’Officiel Paris Magazine that comes to my doorstep wrapped around a baguette at the beginning of each month.

From bunny costumes to bikinis, I’m pretty sure this photo set proves that Barbara Palvin looks like a woman you’d shank your best buddy for in any number of personas. I’m not recommending you shiv your friend, but if it comes to it for the love of this crazy hot Hungarian woman, it’s good to have maybe imagined it out a bit. Whatever Barbara wants, Barbara gets. My new old rule. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: L’Officiel Paris Magazine

Barbara Palvin Topless Covered Bare Booty for Madame Figaro

Hello delicious hot Hungarian lingerie model extraordinaire Barbara Palvin laying there all semi-nekkid like. How you doing?

Barbara Palvin continues to be the hottest woman I know named Barbara, upping her nomenclature cred with this Nico photoshoot for Madame Figaro magazine. Obviously there subtext and themes and styling and other things that people not my friends care about, but for the gentleman ogler, so much goodness to ogle even within the morass of distractions. Barbara Palvin truly is one of the heavenly creatures who walks this earth to create feelings of delight and yearning in her wake, both in equal measure. Someday, I’d like to let Barbara Palvin be my girlfriend. I’m sure that’s what all those unopened letters from her attorney sitting on my kitchen table must be requesting. She is a looker alright. Enjoy.

Me and Barbara Palvin Welcome You To a New Week (Maybe That’s Barbara Palvin and I)

Fancy things are afoot at Egotastic! The kind of things where I might need to invest in a new suit. At least some fresher graphic tees. I’ve been sworn to secrecy. As in, eff you, don’t you dare tell any one. I frighten easily. I’ll share with you the details as soon as I know my mom has been freed safely from her Acapulco kidnapper’s cabana.

In the meanwhile, women who happen to look pretty damn amazing such as Barbara Palvin continue to be only two steps away from my clutches. Granted, those two steps are ten million dollars and the world’s perfect two-day facial growth, both of which elude me at the moment. But I’ve turned my fate over to the gods of the sextastic, assuming that if I keep sharing  the world’s hottest women with al of you that someday karma will come and drop a girl like Barbara right in my morning Nutella. I keep an extra large tub for this precise purpose.

I am blessed to have the most loyal, scientifically proven smartest, and less scientifically proven best looking audience on the Internet. I never forget that. It inspires me like Bruce Lee playing Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon. Welcome to November.


Barbara Palvin White Hot Body Hugging Dress on Cannes Red Carpet

Barbara Palvin continues to be the hottest woman I know named Barbara, strengthening her run at such a title with a tight white body hugging dress on the red carpet at Cannes for the premiere of The Search. Personally, my search is over, I’m ready to declare Barbara as my Memorial Day Weekend BBQ perma-date. We won’t eat so many hamburgers as we will consume the flesh of each other in a virtually sweaty manner, but that’s still a party in my book.

For all we rightfully make fun of the Cannes Film Festival, there’s no denying that it brings out an absolutely barrel full of the world’s hottest women, actresses, models, singers, celebrities, and just plain old fashioned hot young trophy wives. It’s quite a thing each May. Maybe, never year, I’ll be walking with Barbara down the carpet. I’ll be the guy everybody is pointing to and asking, who the heck is that idiot trying to pretend he’s with Barbara Palvin? Mission accomplished. Enjoy

Barbara Palvin Covered Nekkid and Wet Hot for Marie Claire

Oh, sure, make fun of me for collecting women’s magazines, but every dangerous step I take onto the portico of my Pied-à-terre each month is a step I take for you. The slings and arrows of the middle school skateboard crew who mock my choices of periodicals have no idea of the riches contained within the likes of Marie Claire, the Italian edition, wherein wicked hot Barbara Palvin is without clothes and barely covered and quite wet and all-around uber-sextastic for the eyes of the more ardent gentleman ogler. How could I not do this for you>

Barbara Palvin remains the hottest woman I know named Barbara. Seeing her lucky hands violating our right to her even sweeter peeks makes me both angry and at the same time thrilled by a tease from this object d’ lust.  Mostly I guess I’m just jealous of her digits. Oh, how nice that must feel. Like crushed velvet on heaven. Enjoy.