Barbara Franco

Time for Your Morning Hot Girl Soccer Fans Break With Barbara Franco and Xoana Gonzalez (VIDEO)

Soccer Fans So Hot They Will Make You Dribble!

Do you love Argentinean club soccer? Well, you do now.

Courtesy of our formerly featured Sudamericana hottie friends Barbara Franco and Xoana Gonzalez, and their equally hottie friends, some bumping, shaking, grinding, and flashing during a photoshoot promoting Argentinean soccer.

See how many club teams you can name by their jerseys. Or, like me, just imagine them scoring goals and ripping off their tops like Brandi Chastain, sans sports bras, natch. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Barbara Franco Mas Para Hombres, Tamsin Egerton Topless in Camelot, and Christine Teigen Sexy Twitpics


Blessed be our readers who continue to supply us with celebrity skin the likes of which make this world a far happier place. As the old saying goes, no man goes to war with a tit in his mouth. Okay, so I made that up, but it’s a practically 100% guaranteed bit of truth. Give it a little test yourself this weekend and see if it doesn’t hold merit.

We love our Latin American audience because they not only lust sultry olive skinned hotties, they raise them. Mil gracias to ‘Frankie’ from down Rio de la Plata way who clued us into some additional pictorial outtakes from the infamous Barbara Franco pictorial in Hombre magazine in February. Barbie Franco definitely puts the ‘personalities’ into the TV personality position.

A hearty cup of mead for Egotastic! superfan ‘Paul A.’ who among others caught glimpse of topless wonderment from sexy blonde Tamsin Egerton in Camelot, who I believe plays Guinevere, albeit that’s the only name I remember from my Knights of the Roundtable picture book as a kid. Anyhow, she’s boobtastic and sexy and we do much appreciate ogling her sans armor.

And, finally, Christine Teigen, the Thai-Scandinavian blend of awesomeness who you may know from the past two years of Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions, or perhaps better know her as the hottie that lucky bastard John Legend gets to call by pet names in bed in the morning. Many thanks to ‘Andrew G.’ for alerting us to these recent Teigen-twitpics giving just a hint of her sextastic and double-down thanks to ‘Burr’ for last second submission to reveal a topless bit of Christine Teigen awesome to the world. Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags: Barbara Franco Topless Argentinean Wonderment on the Pages of Maxim


We decided to cruise back down Sudamericana way for this week’s TGIF, once again finding sultry TV personality and all-around asstastic bikini wearer, Barbara Franco on the pages of Maxim Argentina, flashing her tremendous top and her sweet tight peso maker for the benefit of the ogling public. Now, this is how you wear a swimsuit. Topless hotness isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Enjoy.

Barbara Franco Topless Pictures for An Egotastic! Sudamericana Splash (VIDEO)


No llores por mi, Argentina. The truth is, you grow your celebrities very hot, not the least of which is sexy sultry model and TV personality, Barbara Franco, featured in Hombre magazine this month, and looking all kinds of Latina dangerous, dangerous mostly to the inner workings of my ticker. As much as my male eye is drawn to the bodacious boobtastic, it’s that trunkside jellymound that has gravitational control over my ocular muscles and is drawing in my eyes to the cleft’s edge. Share with me in the pleasure that is Barbara Franco. Enjoy.

And, here’s a little video primer on Barbara Franco and her hot body by way of some Sudamericana TV clips. Definitely worth watching if you happen to enjoy ridiculously hot booty and bodies.

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