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Bai Ling Boobs Falls Out of Her Dress at German Media Event

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If you didn’t see this coming, well, you haven’t been paying attention in Egotastic class lately. Chinese-American veteran hottie Bai Ling has been appearing just about everywhere barely clad in lace or tape or chiffon ribbons inexplicably keep her at a PG-13 rating for public events. There seems no doubt Bai Ling was just waiting for the right moment to give her funbags the attention they deserve for being forty-six and more than faptastic. Those nipples alone deserve a medal for their swollen fortitude. Bai Ling took her shot at the Movie Meets Media event in Hamburg, Germany where on the red carpet she leaned right into a braless ta-ta reveal of quite obvious proportions. Um, bravo is all I can say.

Free the teat is the tattoo I’d get if I weren’t so blindly scared of needles, tattoo shops, and things the guys who will someday be changing my pee bag will mock me for in my golden years. Bai Ling most definitely is not a shy girl or one to be restricted by modern cultural standards on clothing as a bodily cover. The result is a boob spillage of quite smiling proportions. Bless you, Bai. Enjoy.

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Bai Ling Barely Covered Boobs Are Becoming a Regularly Stellar Sight Around Hollywood

Bai Ling might just be the master of wearing little more than colorful tape over her veteran chesty goodness. I’m not exactly sure how that equals a fashion statement, but I’m a guy who still wears Crocs and has the audacity to call them footwear.

Bai Ling and her 46-year old bits of stellar goodness are just everywhere around town these days barely covered, exhibiting her toned fine female form for the benefit of a guy with a camera up to who knows what. For us perusers of the perfect female body, this makes us very happy. We don’t need to know why, only ogle what lays out before us. In this case, hottie Asian thespianic boobtastic. I’ll take two orders of that to go any day of the week. You’re doing great work, Bai Ling. Keep it up, maybe a little less tape next time. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash News / GSI

Bai Ling Boobtastic Exhibition With Crotch Flower At Movie Premiere

Sultry vixen Bai Ling wore a very provocative outfit to a movie premiere. It’s so weird it’s hard to describe. Basically she wore a strip of cloth over her ginormous funbags and a see-through skirt that has a big red flower over her…um…lady flower. The result is some sideboob for the ages. In fact, it’s all kinds of boob, top, bottom, side, and cleavage. The only thing missing is the nips…barely. Bai Ling has a spectacular rack. They are the kind of boobies that might give a man carpal tunnel syndrome from handling them too much. I’m personally willing to take that risk. She’s also got some phenomenal legs which you can see in their entirety since, as I said, her skirt is see-through and she’s not wearing any underwear. You know, besides a flower.

That’s the thing about Bai Ling. She’s always going to do something whacky and sexy to get attention. That’s fine by me. I don’t mind attention seeking behavior if there is plenty of sideboob.

Bai Ling Flashing a Ta-Ta Little Something Something at 20th Anniversary of The Crow

It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since The Crow came out in theaters. Not a bad film, not a great film, but one I always appreciate in a re-showing from time to time. Bai Ling was in the original film and led the cast of creepy looking masked actors being spooky at the 20th anniversary screening of the film over the weekend. Of course, Bai Ling will not attend a public event without showing the world how nicely chested a fit 40-something veteran Asian hottie can look in just a little dominatrix straps. And she does quite a bit.

Bai Ling is one of those marvels of blessed genetics who doesn’t seem to be aging. I’m sure it has something to do with a healthy diet and exercise and all those other things that seem okay for people not myself. I marvel at her taut body and those tender ta-ta’s that still seem to defy gravity and definitely warrant an outfit I wouldn’t recommend for most women her age necessarily in a public setting. Nice work, Bai Ling. 20 years on and still going strong. Enjoy

Bai Ling Sideboob and Brazilian Wax Sextastic Showoff Body Suits Make Her a Hit at Comikaze

Bai Ling knows how to get into character. Also how to get into minimal clothing. You combine the two and the Chinese American thespianic provided blood flow to thousands of nerds over the weekend at the Comikaze convention here in Los Angeles. How hot was Bai Ling? Hot enough that I nearly ventured into the nerd swarm just to see her. Thankfully, somebody I trust slapped me back into reality before I headed out. I remain among the uncontaminated.

Bai Ling really does like to make a sextastic spectacle of herself. She was waving swords and posing and preening in extreme positions in her exhibitionist costume to the point that oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling and geeks had to slip elastic bands over the elastic bands of the Transformers masks they were already wearing. It’s not easy being nerd. Bai Ling and her taut body and sideboobs doesn’t help. Somebody call a fanboy full stop. We need to mop the floors between shows. Enjoy.

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These Bai Ling Nipple Slip Pictures are Really Bai Ling Topless Pictures


To call these Bai Ling nipple slip wouldn’t be entirely accurate. At least, not if you consider what she’s wearing an actual top. But it really isn’t. It’s a blue piece of fuzz with a strap. That’s barely a scarf. I know Bai Ling likes to push the envelope in terms of nipple slips, but this is really just cheating. This is really just Bai Ling topless. And if you’re going to walk around topless, just do it, and drop the pretense (like you did with the clothing). It’s not like we haven’t seen what you’ve got a million times already. Sorry, make that a million and one.