Bai Ling Gorgeous In See-Through Floral Dress

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aldo-vallon - February 12, 2018

I love that even with all of the random flowers scattered about her body there are still two that happen to reside in the center of each boob. It shows a lot of class to wear a see-through garment and still have the restraint to not show your nipples, unlike some people on this site. And the great thing about these flowers is that if you blur your vision a little bit then you can trick yourself into believing they are nips. It is quite the versatile dress.

I find it hard to believe that Bai Ling is in her fifties. There must really be some ancient Chinese secret to aging, because this seems to be the case with a lot of them. I don’t think their prolonged looks are due to all of the tea drinking because the English drink loads of tea and no one would consider them to be aging gracefully.

There has got to be some explanation. It isn’t as if they can just be blessed with superior genetics. From all my schooling I have been lead to believe that that sort of talk is considered dangerously racist, and have been advised by my lawyers to avoid it.

Photo Credit: Splash News / Bacgkrid USA