Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene And Alexandra Daddario Cleavetastic Peeks In Soon to Be Released Burying the Ex

This taut yet to be released in the U.S. cinematic venture happens to feature both Ashley Greene and Alexandra Daddario in cleavy lingerie which means that it’s my vote for the Best Picture Oscar even before I see it, or fast forward through it, if I’m being super honest. The film was showing around last year but is finally coming out in some media next month, wherein I shall carry it tenderly as a newborn to my various consumer electronics appliances and figure out which button to push to make Ashley and Alexandra jiggle in their bras on my screen. I am fairly single minded in my purpose.

People complain about the state of modern cinema without ever stopping to consider the lovely amounts of sextastic celebrity flesh involved in so many works of film art. Let this be an example. Scripts and production are important, but they pale in comparison to casting the likes of Ashley Green and Alexandra Daddario in open top roles. You could film them taking out the garbage in low cut tops and I’d watch for an hour or a year. I’m not alone. I hope. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “Burying The Ex” Voltage Pictures

READER FINDS: Charlotte McKinney Busty Yachts, Ashley Greene And Kate Hudson Pokies, Adrianne Palicki Topless, and Much Much More…

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My most blessed of Fridays. The final day of the not all that long of a week where we make solid excuses for outlandish behavior. I can’t think of a better process to celebrate. Such as we do here in the penthouse basement offices at Egotastic, each week opening up the cavernous reader email bag, throwing in the trained monkey, Mr. Four Loko, and waiting to see what treasures he returns with in his rabies frothing mouth. It’s a tradition like none other.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Charlotte McKinney boobtastic on a boat (thank you to EgoReader ‘Denny’), Adrianne Palicki topless for FHM (an oldie but such a double goodies via ‘Kent W.’), Ageyness Deyn toplees skinematics (little lovelies courtesy of ‘Rachel A.’), Anne Hathaway tighty whitey pokies for karaoke (spiked up by ‘Matt’), a busty candid of Ariel Winter in front of Mickey D’s Coachella (bosom bounced in by ‘James’), Ashley Greene cleavage and butt madness in The Apparition (whoa, hot body masterpieces, thanks ‘Owen’), Caitlin Folley topless in SxTape (lovely blonde udders from ‘Stephen T.’), Elsa Pataky sweet and lovely teats (oh, wow and thanks to ‘Benjie’), Emily Bergl of current Shameless fame topless in film back in the day (lovely lass peaches, via ‘Desmond’), indie queen Greta Gerwig flashing her Funions (lovely peeks delivered by ‘David’), hotness Hannah Kelsey topless in Supermodel mag (epic body shots submitted by ‘Danny C.’), Jennifer Lawrence nightgown cleavage in the recent Serena (this movie came and went, as would by my plan with Jennifer in person, kudos to ‘Juancy’), Kate Hudson and Ashley Greene double dipping pokies (skinematic nips sent over by ‘Arnoldo), Keira Knightley topless peaches (always a swell sight, via ‘Steve’), Kim Cattrall lovely udders throwback style (mmm, blondes have more funbags, thanks ‘Rippen’), Rebecca Hall topless in rare blessing (brunette goodness tossed into the ring by ‘Terry U.’), Rihanna peeks into top in her music video (promoted by ‘Apollon A.’), Ronda Rousey showy sexy (please, armbar me, via ‘Tony Tom’), and last, but not the bit least, the dedicated to onscreen naked Theresa Russell flashing bare yums and buns (submitted thoughtfully by ‘Les’). I kind of have to double dog dare you to check out this entire library of sextastic celebrity goodness. Become inspired. Enjoy.

Ashley Greene Long Legs Are What’s For Christmas Dinner

Ashley Greene is most definitely on that list of girls we used to ogle, leer, and occasionally virtually violate when we had alone time, who has subsequently disappeared mostly into the ether. At least from the realm of the public exhibitions and oft-glamorous appearances. I assume she’s been up to something behind closed doors. Fair enough, but I hope she at least understands the void this has left in the happy points of our various organs.

Such it is that when we do catch sight of Ashley, in a pair of shorts despite the chill temperatures, we are compelled to stare fondly and remember better boobtastic times. Oh, those Greene legs are still fully long and attached to the Greene body that has gifted us so many lovely thoughts these past half-dozen years. If Ashley wishes more privacy in her life, all the power to her. Just be aware that the Egotastic relationship is a fixed pie. The more she keeps for herself, the less we get. So, yeah, kind of selfish too in a way. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Ashley Greene Wicked Hot in Women’s Health for Men’s Health Too (Get That Heart Rate Up, Gentleman)

There was a time when we regularly peeked at sextastic thespianic Ashley Greene. Historians refer to this period formally as the Age of Great Erections. Then she kind of went away for a while. Who knows. Romance, private times, reclusive desires, break from work. I do not know. But every now and then the talented Ms. Greene returns to us in some heavenly form to remind us of those golden ages. Such as this short but sweet pictorial in Women’s Health magazine. I’m not expert in women’s health, but Ashley Greene sure looks glowing and healthy to me. Also hot, which I think is the better part of good health.

Ashley, I can’t stand the thought of you going away ever again. Could you maybe find it in your heart to appear before the cameras more often in even less? I’m asking on behalf of a grateful world. Either way, no hard feelings. Well, okay, harder if you say yes. You are so damn hot. Enjoy.

Ashley Greene in Blessed Stretch Pants Spandex My Mind

We simply do not get to see Ashley Greene nearly enough. I could see her thrice a day and that would only be half as often as I’d like. The wildly alluring young sort of thespianic and her big hair and just right sized body all over made her way through the streets of West Hollywood in some booty hugging stretch pants and a little bit of cleave just to remind everybody what they’re missing when she goes into hiding.

I can’t keep up with her busy romantic life. All I know is it’s definitely had a negative impact on our ogling lives. Whoever she’s seeing now, I wish he’d let her out half-dressed more often like she used to be. Ashley and those curves of hers are something of a public treasure, like a park or a beautiful river. You can’t just claim that for yourself and tell nobody else to look. I’m sure there’s a 60′s song about just such an injustice. Ashley, you’re too sextastic to be indoors. Mmm, Greene booty. Enjoy.

Ashley Greene Nipple Pokes Make a Long Awaited Appearance

I’m not sure where Ashley Greene has been hiding of late, but I can tell you most certainly her award winning nipples have missed the spotlight.

Ashley’s nipples became rather famous for poking through many a top during her Twilight fame years. You can’t just take the fine headlights of a super fine woman and expect to contain them behind some veil of modesty. Nay. So long as the sun shines, the pokiest and most succulent nipples in the land will find their way to recognition. Ashley, we dig you big time all over. We miss you dearly. And your nipples, well, I’m just glad they’re back. Now, I need a hanky. For my tears, you pervert. Okay, maybe two hankies. Enjoy.

Ashley Greene Leggy Wearing Short Shorts in NYC

Twilight star Ashley Green went for a Starbucks run in New York City wearing teeny tiny shorts. It’s been kind of hot here in New York the last week and the ladies have started wearing short shorts. Most do not have legs like Ashley. She’s got those classically long legs, or “gams” as a 1940′s private eye might say. She’s a tall drink of water, my friends. Ashley’s legs are nothing short of spectacular. Nowadays, legs are an unappreciated part of the female anatomy. Now, while I appreciate the many other lovely parts of a woman, I must say that a nice pair of legs stirs feelings in my bathing suit area and Ashley’s are some of the best.

My mother is really into those Twilight movies for some reason. I guess their target demographic is 14-year-old girls and 60 something Cuban women. She’s made me watch them many times. My only consolation is that I got to look at Ashley. It’s nice to see her not looking vampiric.