Ashley Greene

I’m in an Ashley Greene New York City Booty State of Mind

Yes, that is Ashley Greene booty in jean shorts. Yes, it is just about summer in New York City, which unlike the bikinis and thongs of some other cities beach lines, means short shorts, loose tops, nipple pokes, and slips. And, yes, hot sweet bottomsides in denim.

I’ve been lusting over Ashley Greene since the moment we first met. I’d like to think Ashley has felt a slight warmth in her undercarriage since first I began my long distance virtual romancing of her great looks and hot body, though scientifically I’m sure there are some doubts about that possibility. Nevertheless, I’ll take a long hot sweaty summer of Ashley Greene in daisy dukes. That and a questionably sanitary hot dog from a corner stand put me in a New York state of passion. Enjoy.

Ashley Greene Nipple Pokes Mean Twelve More Weeks of Summer

And summer hasn’t even officially started yet. Albeit whenever the girls start wearing the sheer tops and their nipples get excited to see the sun for the first time in a while, I’m going to call the solstice officially upon us. Especially when that girl happens to be belusted hottie Ashley Greene, flashing her headlights in Studio City.

There’s no struggle greater than that of a blessedly hot set of nipples yearning to be free. I think that’s written somewhere on the Statue of Liberty. At least, it should be. It’s perhaps not the only body part on Ashley Greene begging to be unleashed, but the only one you can see in public. Welcome, summer, bring us the best of your nips! Enjoy.

Ashley Greene Camel Toe Pouts Sweaty and Proud Outside Gym

Ashley Greene, you work it girl. Excuse me, Ashley Greene camel toe, you work it girl. The sextastic actress and all around belusted girl in oversized sunglasses has been ripping it up a few notches at the gym of late, losing some soft padding and adding some long lean muscle, now the least of which seems to be contracting and pouting betwixt the Y of her tight and blessed yoga pants. Oh, baby, how those Lycra leggings do giveth and taketh away our hearts.

Ashley add a little booty view just to complete the scene, and let the paparazzi, nay, the world, know that she’s even hotter when she’s all toned and sweaty. As if we needed a reminder. Still, we’ll definitely take it. Ahoy, Ship of the Desert, good day to you kind cleft. Enjoy.

Ashley Greene Is Getting Ripped (I Can Tell From Peeking Down Her Top)

While I certainly admire the rigorous workouts of some of our sextastic celebrities, and I certainly dream of being their towel boys, wiping their sweat from every pore (I mean, ever pore), there’s something to be said for the lovely curviness that often comes from not being super yoked. Ashley Greene has always had some deliciously soft curves, and now that she’s getting into super fit and muscle toned shape, well, color me a concerned ogler.

While I certainly notice Ashley’s arms looking like she’s been super toning, it’s peeking down her top, as I am apt to do, where I notice maybe a little less lovely jiggle to her wiggly puppies. I hope I’m just being an overly concerned bother, but I do hope Ashley cuts back on the sweating to the oldies when it comes to the point her lovely udders might be shrinking. We have to draw the fitness sanity line somewhere. I draw it right at the chest. Enjoy.

Ashley Greene Plays a Boobtastic Priscilla Presley Filming on the Beach

I’m not exactly sure what this new movie Shangri-La Suite is all about. Something to do with killing Elvis Presley. I only know that Ashley Green is playing Priscilla which means I’m bound to probably go and see it. Or just watch the not-seen-enough Ashley Greene flashing her wicked hot body in period piece costumes like this yellow bathing suit along the beach filming over the weekend.

I’d watch a boobtastic Ashley Green play pretty much any role, though room service to my Red Roof Inn parking lot view suite would be ideal. I’m a big tipper as it turns out. Well, when you look like Ashley Greene, I’m a big tipper, otherwise the man in Room 117 can be a bit of a miser. It’s all about priorities. Today, my priority is looking down Ashley Greene’s top. What’s yours? Enjoy.

Kelly Rowland, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears Lead the Way of Cleavage for Elton John’s AIDS Foundation Post-Oscars Party

Make of it what you will, but the Elton John AIDS Foundation party tends to bring out the biggest shows of cleavage each Oscar Sunday, with the lovely ladies of L.A. saving up their funbaggery for when the more stately Academy Awards come to a conclusion.

Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rowland, Britney Spears, Ashley Greene, and Irina Shayk all came up noteworthy in the category of most chest exposed on an otherwise pretty modestly dressed night for most of the actual movie stars. The Elton John party ticket is the hottest in town, if you can get it, which you can, for eight thousand times my hourly play rate. I had to save up this year to buy a new carbon fiber yo-yo, so I skipped, but I would never miss out on hot celebrity chestiness. Enjoy.

Ashley Greene Nipple Pokes Are Fun and Games Even When Losing an Eye

Ashley Greene is another one of those extreme hotties that we follow around endlessly waiting for any signs of sextastic reveal. She’s pretty conservative when it comes to public exhibitions so happy are we when her circulatory system betrays her demure interests and her nipples make a poking appearance on the streets beneath her tank top. Power nipples simply can’t be denied their destiny to be seen, if not covered in honey and treated like a snake bit wound with vigorously volunteered suction.

Ashley, you can deny us, but you can not deny your destiny. The sextastic, let alone engorged tweaked nipples, simply can not be contained! Enjoy.