Ashley Greene Spandex Hottie

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bill-swift - May 27, 2016

Oh, bless you magical stretch pants, such as you are, omnipresent on the hind sides of the sextastic celebrities we tail front and back to ensure their fun female parts never leave our gaze. Add Ashley Greene to the list of the sweetly peaked thespianics who toots around town in tank tops and yoga pants, showing off her fitness routine and reminding everybody how awesome her first official topless shot scenes were this past month.

Ashley looks ready to re-cast herself from young actress into mature hottie who can take on the more grown up roles of both good girls and bad girls and everything in between provided it provides her the chance to show off her tremendously alluring boobtastic. The Twilight days are in the rear view mirror. Only the workout Spandex remains the same. Wear it with pride, Ashley. Hot tight sweaty pride. We'll be watching. Just for forever. Enjoy

Photo Credit: Splash