Ashley Greene Squished Cleavtastic For Charity

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earl-jonas - October 17, 2017

The who's who of boobies came out for the 2017 amfAR gala this past weekend, and while the likes of Sophia Bush and Heidi Klum contributed to the cleavage cause, Ashley Greene was the night's most welcomed surprise in my book. The sextastic actress wore a fashionable jumpsuit that perfectly accentuated her maj cleavage, and basically, she needs to sport this look more often. Or just go around nude.

Greene didn't necessarily catapult to superstardom after starring in those sparkly vampire movies - even though by contrast she made Kristen Stewart look like a twelve-year-old youth football league linebacker - and instead has become that actress who was in that thing. The bar for success in Hollywood has always confused me though, and if these melons don't scream Oscar, I just don't know what does. So, does Greene please your peen?  


Photo Credit: Splash News, Mr. Skin